Fendi and Juilliard Announce Inaugural Fendi Vanguard Award

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The Italian fashion house has partnered with The Juilliard School to launch the Fendi Vanguard Award, in honor of the next generation of ground-breaking performers, creators, entertainers, and leaders.

The four Juilliard student FENDI Vanguard Award recipients, one dancer, one actor or playwright, and two musicians, were chosen for their unmatched talent that will push boundaries and revolutionize their craft. The nominees were chosen from individuals about to begin their final year of study, whether Bachelor, Master, or advanced Diploma program, through a process by divisional leadership and faculty.

Fendi also started a student scholarship donation program with the New York City arts school to encourage current and future student artists in the disciplines of music, dance and drama to realize their highest aspirations. Fendi and Juilliard first partnered in January 2021 for the livestreamed series FENDI Renaissance – Anima Mundi that celebrated the arts through student performance.

Juilliard will host a virtual Entrepreneurship Symposium in collaboration with FENDI on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, from 11am to 3pm (ET), where attendees will have the opportunity to participate in conversations with Juilliard alumni and Fendi executives. The event will cover cross-industry, real-world examples of how a global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit are tied to creative success in a keynote panel called Creativity Without Borders — A Global Approach to Artistic Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Meet the first Fendi Vanguard recipients below!

Cyrie Topete, Peoria, Arizona – Dance

“Hearing how Fendi has an ethos of staying true to who you are — I think it’s our job to spread that into our communities. If we can create some ease and compassion and support for one another in terms of celebrating our individuality, that’s a great way to collaborate.”

Morgan Scott, Greenville, South Carolina – Drama

“This award has cracked something open in terms of thinking about my art post-Juilliard.”

William Leathers, Ontario, Canada – Music, Trumpet

“Everyone who was chosen for this is in one way or another destined for greatness, I think it’s all about striving for excellence rather than perfection.”

Adam Phan, Cedar Hill, Texas – Music, Harp

“I’d never really thought about how one clothing item can make you feel like the next best thing. It’s exciting to have that opportunity and to have another level of help through this award. I’m excited to meet with the team at Fendi — to get to talk to people who are also striving for excellence in a completely different field than ours and hear about their opportunities and experiences.”

The Juilliard School X Fendi Entrepreneurship Symposium will livestream on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, from 11am to 3pm (ET).

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