Emmy Nominations Are In, Here’s 2021’s Best Dressed Shows

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It’s that time of year again, the seventy-third primetime Emmy award nominations are out and ready for review. In preparation for the star-studded event, on September 19, 2021, CR is delving deep into the fashion flooded shows that are each nominated for “best costume.”

TV and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand. In fact, this year especially, fashion was a leading element in many of the most popular series. Queen’s Gambit, Halston, Euphoria, The Crown, and Bridgerton all reflect the essential role fashion played, and they also reflect how style has the power to create loyal fans — and even Halloween costumes.

Whether or not we watch whatever show is deemed as “stylish” does not matter much; because, often, TV shows reflect current cultural moments–and often one of those moments is the state of fashion. Frequently, fans even begin to subconsciously dress like their favorite TV show.

With that, let’s take a look at the most iconic fashion moments in three Emmy-nominated shows all dedicated to the “best costume” sections.

The Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit was a COVID-19 binge staple. In some, it unlocked their inner chess-onista, but for others it undoubtedly unlocked their inner fashionista. As a period piece that takes place in the ’50s and ’60s, viewers got their fair share of vintage-inspired outfits. From Peter Pan Collars, to statement hats, to Pee Coats, these classic looks became awakened due to the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit.


As a show about the rise and fall of fashion designer Halston, having stellar fits was likely a prerequisite for this show to be green-lit. It has even been said that the popularity of the show has revived the brand. With killer ’70s fits, it is surely every fashion lovers dream. From oversized trousers with large sunnies, to ultrasuede coats, and to tie dye gowns, Halston makes a fashion statement with every outfit.


With instantly iconic fashion, Euphoria is a show known for its jaw-dropping aesthetic. Costume designer Heidi Bivens, explores the cultural zeitgeist in one of the more stylish ways. In fact, Euphoria seems to be a re-imagined take on what the kids are wearing to high school these days. With hoodies, chic sleepwear, and bra-tops, high school has never looked cooler.

The Crown

From the beginning of the show, The Crown has been known for some of the most opulent, fabulous clothing on television. Between regal gowns and summer dresses and even jeans, there are several iconic looks on this show. Princess Diana especially has been a style icon for many for years, and her style on the show continues to influence people across generations. A replica of her sheep sweater she wore prior to her engagement to Prince Charles promptly became a go-to item for many after it resurfaced on the show, and there was also a resurgence of pearl necklaces after viewers were reminded how fond she was of a pearl necklace. Plus, her iconic street style has influenced streetwear and photo shoots alike. But it’s not just Princess Diana. The rest of the costumes have also made us more fashionable and fabulous than ever.


It wasn’t just the Duke that made us swoon when Bridgerton first hit the screens; it was also the elaborate costumes. From the extravagant gowns to the iconic wigs, everyone was falling in love with the Duke and the costumes at the same time. It brought back a love for sweet, blue looks and delicate necklines so much so that people began searching for Bridgerton-inspired dresses to add to their wardrobe. But the show also had another interesting effect: it helped bring back corsets. Bridgerton showed many of the ladies getting ready with corsets, and it made the world want to wear them again (although definitely not as tightly as the characters were wearing them).

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