A Guide to the Fashion in Gossip Girl’s Reboot

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July eighth will go down in history as the day Gossip Girl came back to life. Though over 8 years have passed since the original show’s finale, the reboot has been a welcome treat for fashionistas of all kinds. Grounded in no other era but the 21st century, the anticipated Gen Z staple is an imaginative playground for what the kids are wearing these days. Gender fluid clothing is an omnipresent force throughout the show, and it makes a trendsetter out of every character — no matter their gender identity. While Eric Daman returned as costume designer and stylist, his curated looks contain no oversized headbands. Instead, Daman melts street style with prep. And of course, there are also some killer designer pieces fused into the show; Monse’s new collection even collaborated with the series. The end result is a unique jaw dropping, modern look that only TV could create. Let’s take a look at the characters’ must-have outfits; they are surely ones worth gossiping about.

Julien Calloway

If you’re wondering where Serena van der Woodsen’s long blonde locks are, you are stuck in the class of 2009. Constance Billard has a new queen in town, and their name is Julien. Played by Jordan Alexander, as a respected influencer and model, it should be no shock that Calloway’s fits are always Instagram worthy. Reminiscent of Kendall Jenner, with her oversized shirt, biker shorts, and knee high boots, Calloway’s looks are effortlessly cool and totally re-creatable. Calloway seems to always know just the right accessory to adorn herself with. Whether it is her Balenciaga sneakers or her one of a kind JW Anderson bag, accessorizing is no fear of hers. So, is it any wonder that everything she wears sells out almost instantly?

Zoya Lott

She is the new girl in town who is ready to blow Constance Billard Away. Her trick? Nothing other than a neckerchief and a fresh pair of sneakers of course. Lott’s style might be in transition, but every fashion evolution needs staple pieces, which is why Whitney Peak’s character is a fan of a good old shacket.

Monet De Hann

Monet De Hann has no time to plan a whole fit; she has a whole life to live. Though, looking cool and polished is not a problem for her. Savannah Smith’s character is a frequent fan of color coordinated sets, blazers with shoulder pads, and classic turtlenecks.

Max Wolfe

Played by Thomas Doherty, Wolfe has a sophisticated sense of style despite his enigmatic character. Mixing pinstripe blazers with feminine silk scarves and lace blouses, Wolfe is not attached to strictly “dressing like a man.” Rather, he embraces a more natural and fluid definition of masculinity.

Luna La

Zión Moreno’s character keeps her friends just as close as she keeps her designers. With Louis Vuitton totes, Burberry capes, and Fendi Baguette’s, La’s style is nostalgic of the original Gossip Girl.

Kate Keller

Starting from the first episode, Tavi Gevinson’s character hopes that her style is enough to garner respect from her students. Perhaps a nod to the original Gossip Girl, Keller has remained a fan of preppy tops and tailored pants. Maybe, instead of teaching, she should be our work to play fit guru.

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