Remember When Martha Stewart Modeled to Pay for College?

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Although the lifestyle guru is now most known for her magazine, merchandising empire of home goods and decor, and her unlikely, albeit endearing friendship with Snoop Dogg fostered on her eponymous cooking show, Martha Stewart was a bonafide model back in the day. Discovered at the age of 15, the New Jersey native got her start starring in television commercials for British brand Unilever and tobacco company Tareyto. During the 1960s, the would-be business mogul paid her way through Barnard College through modeling jobs in order to supplement her scholarship.

“I got enough modeling jobs at an hour—which was a lot of money at that time,” Stewart explained in the documentary Makers.

Stewart has shared several of the stunning black-and-white throwback shots on Instagram and what’s more, it was also revealed that she also posed for Chanel during the days of Coco. During an episode of The Martha Stewart Show eight years ago, guest star and fashion icon Andre Leon Talley made an appearance to help whip up a batch of brioche in honor of Karl Lagerfeld. Talley then brought up that the Chanel creative designer had informed him that she had modeled for the storied French house for one summer break. He then asked Stewart more questions about her fashion career:

Talley: That’s all you need: a summer. Did you get a beautiful suit?

Stewart: I had a beautiful suit and a beautiful black Chanel coat. It had beautiful gold buttons.

Talley: Do you still have it?

Stewart: I do.

Talley: Fantastic. Do you ever wear it?

MS: Do you want to know something? Truthfully, it doesn’t fit me anymore.

The queen of domesticity eventually left the fashion world for a brief stint on Wall Street before establishing the business ventures for which we most know her for today: her ubiquitous line of homewares, cookbooks, and multi-platform brand.

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