The Duo Behind the Insta-Famous Sex and the City Account Reflects on the Show

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Fans of Sex and the City, which, as you may have heard, just turned 20, invariably recall what have been dubbed “the L.A. episodes,” a two-part Season 3 arc in which Manhattanites Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and later, Charlotte, head west. Among those fans were the people assembled last night at The Standard on Sunset—not coincidentally, the ladies’ hotel of choice on the show.

Seated poolside just steps from where a forlorn Carrie once smoked her Marlboros, guests had gathered for That Bunny Stole My Bag!, a cheeky LA anniversary celebration spearheaded by @everyoutfitonsatc Instagram creators Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni. Returning to the scene of the crime—Carrie’s verboten puffing—was kind of a given. “We did our first post here,” Fairless tells CR. Long enamored with the hotel, the two decided to hunker down and chill for a while. “That’s how much I loved it. I want to be inside it,” Fairless quips.

Now resident Angelenos, the duo met as students at Parsons and “bonded over our love of fashion and sarcasm,” as Garroni put it. Since launching what might be the sharpest inside-fashion Instagram account just under two years ago, Garroni and Fairless have amassed a following of over 500K, culling images from the series’ six seasons and two feature films, hilariously captioning them to great fanfare.

To wit, one of @everyoutfitonsatc’s higher profile devotees, Kristin Davis, aka Charlotte York, was on hand to speak with Fairless and Garroni in a panel that also included SATC writer Jenny Bicks and writer/producer Michael Patrick King. That Davis arrived in the S/S 2000 Prada lipstick skirt she famously wore on Season 3, and discussed the supreme difficulty of shimmying into the gray Mugler she wore as a gallerist on the “power lesbians” episode, only endeared her more to the crowd. That, and the fact that she copped to often taking Cynthia Nixon’s character’s clothes at the end of the season—pieces she dryly described as “functional,” to knowing laughter.

While Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie may have gotten the lion’s share of sartorial attention in the past, in the @ateveryoutfitonsatc orbit, it’s Charlotte and Nixon’s Miranda Hobbes who have seen their stars rise. It began with the #WokeCharlotte meme, in which Davis’s character has her dialogue rewritten to address some of the show’s more problematic and non-PC themes. As fans can attest, reimagining the earnest, passionate Charlotte as a social justice warrior is kind of brilliant.

Equally amazing? Having Cynthia Nixon collaborate with you on a limited line of Miranda-themed merchandise, which the New York gubernatorial candidate just did. (It’s available at her campaign’s online store.) Needless to say, Nixon is a fan of Fairless and Garroni’s, and she saw a means of reaching a key voter demo. Apparently the Instramming duo is still in awe. “You haven’t lived until you’ve had Cynthia read your social media posts,” Fairless said dreamily.

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