Rihanna Wants You to Work For Her


It’s official: Rihanna is finally coming out with a line of beauty products. Titled Fenty Beauty, the line is slated to drop this Fall 2017 at Sephora stores. The launch has been hotly anticipated since it was announced that the singer signed a deal with Kendo Beauty in March 2016, but speculation reached fever point this past weekend when an Instagram account surfaced claiming that she was looking for a makeup artist to act as the line’s brand ambassador. That account has since been revealed as fake and has been deleted, but a Kendo Beauty employee called Erik Soto has responded to the rumors, confirming that Kendo and Ri are in fact holding an open call to find a global makeup artist for the line.

On his personal Instagram account, Soto revealed that Rihanna has partnered with makeup artist James Vincent to embark on a nationwide search for the perfect person for the role. Willing candidates are asked to follow the links on Soto’s account and RSVP for one of three events held in the States to test their skills. Those who make it past the first round of trials will meet with Rihanna and be charged with applying her make up. It’s an unusual turn of hiring events, but you can trust our girl Ri to do things a little differently.


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