An Ode to Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s Complimentary Couple Style

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One unassuming day in the beginning of August a photo started to circle social media of Zoë Kravitz with her arms wrapped around Channing Tatum’s shoulders as they cruised around the East Village on a BMX bike. Thus an iconic couple was born. Have the two confirmed their relationship? No, not yet.

Though seen publicly together traipsing around New York, though Tatum follows a myriad of Zoë Kravitz stan Instagram accounts, and though Tatum and Kravitz’s father, Lenny Kravitz have shared admiration for each other’s washboard abs in the comment section, the two still played it cool arriving separately at the Met Gala. And though subtle, perhaps the most glaring proof of all is the cool factor radiating from Tatum’s style lately.

The two were first connected in the media in June of this year, though at first not tied romantically but professionally, with Kravitz still married to then husband Karl Glusman. Kravitz announced her directorial debut, a movie entitled Pussy Island set to star Mr. Magic Mike himself. Stars sparking a love connection while working together is a tale as old as time. Look at Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. (Not you, Jason Sudeikis. You look at your Emmys.)

The pair did a joint interview with Deadline where Kravitz explained how Tatum, who she referred to as “Chan,” was her first choice for the role, stating his work gave her a sense of him being a feminist. The real gold of the interview comes when Tatum talks about his first time meeting Kravitz, painting a picture of her influence on him from the start. “When someone can just come out and tell me I should not be wearing Crocs, and is so adamant about it, she completely convinced me and I never wear Crocs anymore,” Tatum told Deadline. “I feel cooler.”

That day in August, when Tatum rode along the streets of the East Village with the YSL-loving actress standing on his bike pegs, something was different. His outfit at first glance was simply a T-shirt and jeans, an outfit he’s worn before. The biggest difference from what Tatum is usually seen wearing was the silhouette, pulling from skate culture with a cropped and a square-like fit of a T-shirt. The simplicity in change and effortlessness of the outfit itself lends itself to who Kravitz is as a fashion girl. A good pair of vintage jeans is all she needs to look good. Tatum wore what appeared to be a pair of cut off Dickies in a deep teal and a black vintage looking oversized tee paired with high top converse. He complimented Kravitz classic laid-back Brooklyn-girl style, even seen with a film camera hanging around his torso.

In previous years, some of his go to pieces involved cable-knit sweaters and backwards ball caps. He opted for a jean that tapered around his ankle and hung long on his hips. Tatum wore camo and fedoras (luckily never both at the same time.) The skater-inspired looks from August felt more refined, more focused than his style from previous years, while still including some of his classic pieces like a linen button-down.

The pair ventured out and about New York time after time throughout August. Together their outfits elevate one another, with complimentary colors or harmonious tones. On one day in particular, Tatum walked around with a different bike than the first outing, and the tone of the tires matched Kravitz ballet flats. The pair shares an effortlessness, a certain “I just threw this on” quality to their looks. Both remain individualistic, not too matchy like some celebrity couples dress. We’ve all wanted it, right? We’ve all wanted a partner who also fills in as the perfect accessory to every outfit.

September rolled around. Kravitz and Tatum both attend the Met Gala. Though showing up separately, the two not only pop up together in photographs from the evening, but were both dressed by Kravitz’s long-term stylist, Andrew Mukamal. Mukamal, who styled the latest cover of CR 19 with Irina Shayk and Candice Swanepoel, confirmed by posting photos of each on his Instagram. In a film photo shot by Daniel Arnold, Tatum, in a Versace tux, holds Kravitz’s matching YSL bag to her see through chain-inspired jeweled gown as he talks on the phone and she enjoyed a snack with tiny cup of coffee. The silhouette of the tux felt reminiscent of the outfits he’d been seen in lately, with a boxy suit jacket and wide-legged pants. When before, he usually went for a more tapered pant. Tatum and Kravitz were also photographed descending the gala steps, leaving together. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you come with, but who you leave with and who you share your stylist with.

We can only hope for more couple style from Tatum and Kravitz, especially since Pussy Island is set to start shooting in the beginning of next year.

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