Remember When Anita Pallenberg Left One Rolling Stone for Another?

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Anita Pallenberg was rock-and-roll’s ultimate muse. The actress, model, and style icon was not just a friend to The Rolling Stones, but one of the band’s biggest influences—and also love interest. Not only did she date guitarist Brian Jones, she also had a relationship with founding member Keith Richards. But this isn’t the tale of a rock-and-roll muse simply having a change of heart. The love triangle between the three is actually quite dark.

Pallenberg first met The Rolling Stones in 1965, only a few years after their first-ever concert in 1962. Though she befriended the whole band, it was Jones who initially caught her eye romantically. Unfortunately he was a troubled man in the throes of addiction, which led to some abusive behavior toward Pallenberg over the course of the two years they were together. Despite the fact that Pallenberg stood up for herself, there was one incident in Morocco that was a step too far not only for the model, but for Richards as well, who witnessed the assault.

Richards immediately helped her get home to England (with many accounts claiming he “rescued” her), leaving Jones behind. Upon arriving in England, Pallenberg moved in with Richards, and the two began a relationship that would last 14 years. Though the two never married, they did have three children together.

Of course the duo had their demons as well, which affected their relationship. At various points during their time together one, or both, of them struggled with substance abuse issues. They finally split up in 1981, but remained close. At the time of their breakup Richards even said his love for her was as strong as when they were together. Pallenberg, who passed away last year, has a legacy larger than the men she dated. But (and perhaps this is because they each went on to live long, relatively healthy lives) she and Richards remain as one of rock-and-roll’s greatest couples.

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