Remember When the Olsen Sisters Chose SNL Over Prom?

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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are renowned fashion designers (and recent CFDA award winners) who are so committed to their craft that they have dedicated themselves to it full-time—giving up their original careers in acting and even skipping the famed Full House reunion. Any true fan of the Olsens knows that the duo has a history of putting work first. In fact, when they were still pursuing careers in acting, they chose a gig over their own prom.

When the sisters were promoting their movie New York Minute in 2004, they were offered the chance to host Saturday Night Live. But the episode just so happened to land on the same night as their high school prom. Considering their childhoods were less-than-normal (they were the youngest producers in Hollywood at the age of six, and were the youngest self-made millionaires in American history before the age of 10), was it really a surprise that they would choose a once-in-a-lifetime comedy opportunity over a school dance?

In a small way, the duo did get their prom moment—the SNL writers used it as the basis of their opening monologue, with cast members even acting as their dates. The episode also went on to joke about their already huge fragrance lines, a sketch with their “triplet” sister, as well as a bit in which they played red carpet photographers harassing celebrities (including themselves).

As most people who attended a prom can attest, the “magical” night usually turns out to be but a blip in one’s memory (save for something truly outrageous happening). While it might have meant the world to them as high school seniors, it is doubtful that the now 32-year-olds, who celebrated their birthday yesterday, would dwell on it much had they attended. Besides, the Olsens are among the sole few to attend fashion’s prom—the Met Gala—multiple times.

Of course, one has to wonder what they would have worn. The duo had access to every major fashion house of the era, including John Galliano’s Dior, Nicolas Ghesquière’s Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen himself. Despite those mega names, we can’t help but hope that they would have taken the opportunity to design for themselves. After all, The Row was a mere two years away from what would have been their prom (only one year, if you count from when Ashley first got the idea). It’s not too far off to think that the sisters might have flexed their burgeoning skills on the toughest fashion crowd of all: teenagers. Anyway, happy birthday you two!

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