Dry Shampoo Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Summer Hair


While dry shampoo has often been heralded as the hero product in every lazy girl beauty routine, there is such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to the miraculous hair product. Dry shampoo can’t always completely rid the scalp of oils, dirt, and impurities, and therefore hair should still be washed regularly to prevent buildup and irritation around the hair follicles.

Instead, dry shampoo should be treated the same way as one treats perfume—not as a substitute for effective washing and lathering but to add a certain finishing touch to your appearance. When applied to the roots and smoothed out to the ends of your tresses, the product can boost exceptional volume and add texture to even the finest of hair styles. To explore the best ways to responsibly use dry shampoo, CR caught up with five leading hair stylists and beauty experts who revealed the treasured beauty hacks you can use to save your hair during the humid summer months.

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