How Ayurvedic Beauty Products Will Save Your Skin


Uma Essential Oils founder Shrankhla Holecek based her brand on the values embodied by her Aunt Uma, who introduced her and her sister to Ayurvedic beauty rituals with weekly hair oil massages and body gommages. “I never saw her wear makeup a day in her life,” Holecek tells CR, “but she was radiant and beautiful.”

Growing up, Holecek watched her family craft secret essential oil-based recipes founded on the Ayurvedic principles of her Indian heritage. For centuries, her ancestors formulated rich anti-aging and skin clarifying solutions for royalty from the botanicals that flourished on their estate. Her family’s legacy then branched out further into the cosmetics realm, serving as a supplier to prestigious brands, including Tom Ford and Estée Lauder. Eventually, Holecek saw a need for holistic solutions that would address the root of skincare problems experienced by modern women, exacerbated by daily stressors and environmental factors. With a background in engineering, she merged her scientific expertise with her rich understanding of Ayurveda to create her own line of essential oils.

Based on the five elements, which manifest themselves in the three doshas (aka biological energies)—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—Ayurveda attests that for every skincare need, a natural remedy exists (an example of this: retinol, while effective at reducing fine lines, thins the skin over time; frankincense is a good alternate for generating a healthier form of cellular turnover). People have three doshas, Holecek continues, but one is more predominant than the other two, and when that dosha falls out of balance, it expresses itself internally and externally. For instance, Vata types are composed of air and space, making them more prone to dry skin and anxious behaviors.

“Incorporation of Ayurvedic skincare and herbal remedies, from face oils to foods, such as turmeric and ghee, is the natural next frontier in the exploration of a science that has a highly integrative/ holistic healing philosophy of mind-body balance,” Holecek says, “and that deeply resonates with people.”

Below, the Uma Oils founder breaks down the best products for unlocking pure, glowing skin in accordance with the needs of each dosha.

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