Is Ariana Grande Launching R.E.M Beauty?


It seems yet another celeb beauty brand is on the way, as Ariana Grande just inked a trademark for „R.E.M. Beauty,“ for which she’s listed as the president. She hasn’t verified the venture quite yet, but leave it to fan detectives on Twitter to piece together the news.

The trademark was registered under Thunder Road Inc., Grande’s company that’s been active since 2020, and the web domain was registered around the same time. The line may entail anything from concealers, lash serums, mascaras, eyeshadows, lip tints, brow pencils, glosses, and hair extension products. Ari’s gonna have us singing „You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it“ again real soon.

Fans found out about the beauty line when they spotted billboards for the launch up in Times Square and remembered that the popstar wrote „to be continued“ when her fragrance of the same name dropped last year.

Soon after, the brand’s Instagram page was discovered, and is followed by none other than Grande’s mother Joan, along with a rising 70k followers. Joan was also spotted liking photos of the billboards on Twitter, essentially confirming her daughter’s next project.

It’s not so surprising that the „positions“ is singer stepping into the beauty biz, considering she’s famous for her beauty looks, ever since her red velvet locks on Nickelodeon. Grande’s established her signature glossy high pony and winged eyeliner, which are, after her heavenly voice, her most obvious identifiers. Plus, she literally has songs called „Make Up“ and „my hair,“ from her last two albums. In the former, off her album thank u, next, Grande nods to Rihanna’s line: „Promise me that when you kiss my lips, you’ll make it stick / That’s the way to shut me up after an argument / No eyeliner on, but looking at you is the fix / Highlight of my life, just like that Fenty Beauty kit.“

Grande’s entering a cosmetic industry already highly saturated by popstars who want to share their glam with fans; from Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, who may also expand with haircare and hair tool products, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, and Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories, plus rumored lines from Cardi B, Hailey Beiber, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, and JLo. What will set R.E.M. Beauty apart? Will it be formulated with moon dust, pink clouds, and actual angel teardrops?

„R.E.M.“ is the title of track four off Grande’s 2018 critically-acclaimed album Sweetener, and is also the name of one of her most recent perfumes, out of a collection of seven fragrances she’s created since 2015. It refers to rapid eye movement sleep, the deepest phase of sleep where the body is fully relaxed and dreams are most vivid. REM sleep aids in the formation of new memories, stimulates the central nervous system, and balances brain chemistry by processing unresolved emotions. It’s a sleep that’s hard to wake from, and is what she dreads in the lyrics of the song. She’s explained that the track is about „a relationship that blurs between the dreamworld and reality“ and „dreaming someone into your life“ — an overarching theme of the the album too.

If the R.E.M. perfume, which won The Fragrance Foundation’s 2021 Fragrance of the Year Award, gives us any hints towards what the beauty line may hold, we can expect a something that’s sweet and spacey, like “an intergalactic dream of femininity and power.” Fans online are speculating how Grande may design the range of products and are sharing their own mock-ups of what they hope to see, now that the logo’s been discovered.

A possible storefront for the brand is also in the mix of rumors, as it seems „R.E.M Beauty“ is listed at a Manhattan address.

There should be an announcement from Grande any day now, hopefully with more details about the product range. In the meantime she’s tweeting a gif of astronauts bouncing on the moon. Does this have anything to do with it?


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