Hourglass and Georgia May Jagger Debut Refillable Curator Eyeshadow


“Customizable makeup meets chic sustainability” is how Georgia May Jagger describes her latest beauty venture with Hourglass Cosmetics.

The model and businesswoman’s newest project with Hourglass is at the forefront of sustainability, self-expression, and luxury. The two collaborated on the Hourglass Refillable Curator Eyeshadow, a customizable, 100 percent vegan eyeshadow collection with sustainable, refillable packaging.

“I loved the concept when they came to me with it because I love anything that’s customizable, and being able to pick your own colors and being asked my opinion is really great,” she said. Jagger created two palettes, one for day and one for night, to allow for maximal creative opportunity when it comes to your eye look. “You’re able to mix and match and come up with your own look within the palette. They work amazing on their own, but you have so many options to swap them out and then mix them up, as well as layering things for a smokey eye look.”

Each palette is made up of three colors: the daytime collection includes “Bee,” “Foe,” and “Pow,” while nighttime includes “Ash,” “Fog,” and “Fox.” Each color has a strong payoff, and the palettes range from light blush colors to deep purples.

“One is more of a daytime look, sort of a red eye that’s really poppy using matte and a bit of sparkle,” Jagger said. “My evening palette is kind of an old version of a smokey eye for evening… The colors are so great.”

And Jagger does love her color. As the co-owner of London-based hair salon Bleach London, she’s been known to do some bold hairstyles in the past, from bright pink to aubergine to even a half blue, half green look.

But attention to stunning color payoff doesn’t only apply to Jagger’s hair products.

“I’m definitely into any colors that really work for me being able to express my love of colors and having fun with makeup,” Jagger said. “[I also like product] that really makes your natural eye color pop, so I like to go for opposites. Because my eyes are green, I love things like red.”

However, the color and creative process wasn’t the only thing that was important to Jagger as she worked with Hourglass. A longtime supporter of the environment, it was imperative that she joined a project that was sustainable. Alongside her brother Gabriel and friends like Cara Delevingne, she’s involved in Project Zero, an ocean conservation charity that helps smaller charities plant coral reefs, help mangroves, and adopt ocean coordinates to protect that area.

“It’s really important to think about where you spend your money and to try to invest in brands that are really forward-thinking about how we can be sustainable in all aspects of our lives,” Jagger said. “I’m not going to stop using makeup and my beauty products, but I love things that are trying to be more sustainable, trying to be more reusable. I think that that’s really the future.”

The Hourglass refillable palettes, which are available in one-pan, three-pan, and five-pan setups, are crafted from tin and post-consumer recycled plastic in lieu of virgin plastic to create less environmental impact and reduce waste. As a result, the waste reduction is between one and five plastic bottles per palette. Each individual eyeshadow pan is made from recyclable aluminum.

“I love being able to find products that are more sustainable but still have a really beautiful, glamorous look. It looks very chic,” Jagger said. “And you’re able to swap out the shadows, which is great for sustainability, but also, if you have a wedding to go to or you’re going away for the weekend and you want to have a shadow for day and then two for night, you’re able to do that.”

Jagger is almost always on the go. She wanted to create something that’s multipurpose and fun, so she doesn’t have to take too many items with her. She mixes the reds and glitters of the palette for a daytime look and then goes for darker colors at night, while she uses the highlight for her inner corners.

One of the reasons she has such a strong love for makeup is because of her relationship with her mom, Jerry Hall. A model and actress, she taught Jagger beauty tips and tricks from a young age that she continues to use today.

“She taught me how to do a red lip very early on,” Jagger said. “She does little tricks like putting a bit of lip balm so it doesn’t kind of stick to your teeth. She’s also amazing with eyeliner. She actually tilts her head to the side and draws her liquid liner in that way.”

Hall was also influential in teaching Jagger about color, something that of course carries through to Jagger’s day-to-day now.

“She’s taught me about how to use stuff that works for your skin tone, like how to pick the right colors of blush. She’ll always go for more of an orangey blush because it works better for her skin tone, whereas I tend to go for more of a rosy pink, and then my sister likes something that’s a bit more of a darker pink,” Jagger said. “Learning about how different products work for different [eye colors] and hair has been something that she’s taught me while just playing around with her.”

But Jagger has also found her own makeup routine as well. She likes a simple but effective routine for her day-to-day.

“I’ve been using the Hourglass Vanish Concealer. I love keeping my brows up so I’ll use a brow gel and a little bit of pencil. I’ve been using the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Warm Blonde,” Jagger said. “I love to do a bronzer around the cheekbones and under the jawline a little bit, and then just a great mascara. I use the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment lip oil in Nocturnal. It looks like a gloss but it’s got a really nice feel to it.”

Along with Jagger, Hourglass also collaborated with three other creators – Jasmine Tookes, Leah Darcy, and James Molloy – for the Refillable Curator Eyeshadow. Between the four of them, there are 40 newly-formulated shades across four finishes to allow for full customization. The eyeshadow godets are designed to be snapped into the Curator palettes to reduce waste.

The Hourglass Refillable Curator Eyeshadow is available globally July 16.


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