Surprising Celebrity Duo Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer Launched a Skincare Line

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What do Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer have in common? They spent their formative years in the spotlight of course. But could you have guessed that both starlets struggled with their skin?

While Instagram did not exist for the beginning of Hudgen’s career, the beauty standard surely did. The millennial almost always had to present as flawless, and any struggle with her skin had to be clearly hidden. Though she was born a little over a decade later, the same could be said for Madison Beer, a Gen Z-er who reached an unprecedented level of fame from her self uploaded Youtube videos.

Today, our millennial and our Gen Z-er are joining forces in fighting the beauty standard through the launch of their own skincare line. Out now on Know Beauty, they co-founded the brand with Dermatologist Dr. Karen Kagha. While both stars could easily masquerade their struggle behind the aura of social media, they want to send a different message to young people: that it is ok to struggle with your skin; we all have our own journeys.

Beer even stated to WWD: “Social media is so fake that I feel like even just us two learning that the other was struggling was eye-opening, because I feel like we both probably had the idea about the other that, well, there’s no way that this person struggles with their skin or anything like that.”

Their line aims to take the guesswork out of buying skin care products. Instead, the line is tailored to one’s genealogical make-up. Prior to receiving products, customers will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and a DNA test that is mailed to homes. From cleansers, to serums, to masks, and moisturizers, their line has it all, and its purpose is to educate people on how to properly take care of their skin.

Though it seems like every celebrity, from Lady Gaga to Tracee Ellis Ross, nowadays is building and launching their own beauty brand, Beer’s and Hudgen’s brand is revolutionary because it is the first collaboration between a Gen Z-er and a millennial. Working in the beauty industry is not new for Hudgens or for Beer. Back in 2010, Vanessa Hudgens was once the face of the iconic Neutrogena Wave, and Beer recently a collection with Morphe. We anticipate that this kind of partnership won’t be anything less than successful. With their combined 66.4 million Instagram followers, and Beer’s TikTok fame, they are able to relate to and capture the attention of two large markets: millennials and Generation Z.

Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer have now paved the way for a whole new array of collaborations and we can’t wait to see future Generation Z and millennial partnerships!

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