Beauty Secrets We Learned From Jillian Dempsey

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In high fashion, there’s almost no such thing as effortless beauty. From facial treatments that leave your complexion dewy and luminous to the perfect winged eyeliner, experts reveal their most-trusted, insider hacks for CR’s series, Beauty Secrets.

Jillian Dempsey’s punk beginnings might surprise even the avid makeup connoisseur who knows Dempsey for her natural, minimal looks on Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emilia Clarke on the red carpet (not to mention her husband, who played McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy.) The native Texan worked at a salon at the age of 14 and followed her instincts by ending up at the Charles Ross School of Hair Design in West Hollywood. During the ’90s, Dempsey honed her beauty chops by working on movie sets and rubbing elbows with stars including Drew Barrymore, who enlisted Dempsey to work on her lip gloss while filming Charlie’s Angels.

After opening up a beauty parlor with her sister and working with Avon as the brand’s first Global Creative Color Director, Dempsey decided to dive into makeup full-time. She became known for painting the faces of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. In 2015, Dempsey decided to launch her own eponymous organic makeup line, debuting a set of Khol Eye Liners, along with creamy Lid Tints, Cheek Tints, and a vibrating Japanese-inspired face massage tool called The Gold Bar, which promises to lift the face before makeup application.

Here, CR caught up with Dempsey about her skincare secrets, makeup must-haves, and her favorite makeup look she’s ever done on Emilia Clarke.

Walk me through your skincare routine.
„I’m always using and testing new products. I like to wash my face using Three Clearing Foam from Japan. The most important thing is I always start my day by using a variety of face creams and my Japanese Gold Sculpting Bar for eight to 10 minutes. I always use SPF before running out the door. I have a minimal routine and keep my makeup light since I’m always on-the-go.“

Five makeup products you’re loving right now?
Sisley Paris Blur Expert Luminous Matte Perfecting Veil. This is new [for me] and I’m obsessed. It creates a very even look on my face overall, without all of the heavy coverage. Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter is beautiful to mix over cream blush and to dot little highlights around the face. Cle de Peau Beaute Mascara in Perfect Lash allows me time to structure my lashes, which is what a lot of makeup artists call ‚building time.‘ It’s a very-needed step with mascara. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Patience is lightweight and just perfect. I’m always in need of a lip shade as my go-to and this one is in my favorite club. Nude Envie’s Farrah Fawcett Lipstick… My very good makeup artist friend Patrick Foley designed this shade for her. [Fawcett] was his client. It might not work with everyone’s palette, but I love the lilac pink hue.“

Makeup trend you’re loving right now?
„I’m really into the medium-to-thinner brows and a semi-gloss lip.“

What about one you’re not a fan of?
„Not such a fan of overly contoured and highlighted cheeks.“

What is the number one tip that has helped your skin?
One tip that has helped my skin would have to be: less is more!“

How would you describe your makeup aesthetic?
For myself, it’s more fast and furious. For my clients, it would be more on the natural side with a twist.“

Do you have a favorite look you’ve ever done?
„One of my favorite recent red carpet looks would be Emilia Clarke for the Oscars this year. I just find her face so angelic and beyond lovely to work with.“

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