Beauty Secrets We Learned from Fulvia Farolfi

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In high fashion, there’s almost no such thing as effortless beauty. From facial treatments that leave your complexion dewy and luminous to the perfect winged eyeliner, experts reveal their most-trusted, insider hacks for CR’s series, Beauty Secrets.

Growing up as a teenager in her hometown of Bologna, Italy, Fulvia Farolfi used to walk down the street and every time she walked by someone, she would say to herself, „That person would look so much better if they did this.“ Farolfi channeled that sentiment into going to beauty school and learning how to do makeup. Then, she saw a photo of Shalom Harlow shot by Iriving Penn in a fashion magazine and decided she wanted to do editorial work. „Six months later, I moved to Milan and within a week, I knew that would be my life,“ she tells CR. „I loved it. I never looked back.“

Farolfi, who has worked on advertisements for Tom Ford Beauty, Chanel, and Balmain alike, is also the mastermind behind some of Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid’s most glamorous red carpet looks. Here, CR caught up with the makeup aficionado about the one product she can’t live without, how her Italian upbringing influenced her makeup, and her most memorable photoshoot with Karl Lagerfeld.

How would you describe your makeup aesthetic?
„I’m more personal, which is something that has happened in the business over a long time. It’s not that I only do natural or painterly makeup, but it’s because my [makeup] teacher came from the ’70s, so I learned a lot of techniques that are not really around anymore. I can be very neutral, but I can also do complicated or artsy makeup. One very important thing is that it will never be tacky. I always respect the proportions of the face and I know exactly what to do when I see someone in order to bring back the proportions into an ideal shape. That is the gift I was given.“

What’s your skincare routine?
„For the evening, I fell in love with this natural, amazing new line called EmerginC. I use the EmerginC facial cleansing wipes which are the only wipes I put on my face. It’s all organic, cold-press chemistry. Then, I use the Boreal Tonic with a vitamin C serum. After, I use a face cream called Blend in combination with an eye cream called Eye & Lip Craft. In the morning, since my skin is clean, I just use Chanel’s Le Tonique and La Solution 10, which is a great base for makeup.“

Five makeup products you’re loving right now?
„I love the new Rogue Coco Flash by Chanel. They’re highly pigmented; I am not a lover of gloss, but it’s a new kind of lipstick that’s pigmented and very moist. Ombre Première is a long-wear cream shadow. I use one that is a pewter color, which I love on myself but it’s also very simple. For lips, I use Rogue Allure Liquid Powder when I want a stained matte lip, but not too thick and matte. That is a trend I don’t love. The best eyeliner is Calligraphie de Chanel. I paint it on with a thick brush and it stays forever. The last one is Cle de Peau Translucent Loose Powder.“

If you could only use one makeup item, what would it be?
„Probably Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Color by Chanel. It’s a bronzer. Because I’m light and Italian, I like to add some color to my skin, and so I apply as if I have been in the sun for an hour. I put it on my forehead, temple, cheeks, and under the chin.“

Did growing up in Italy influence how you do makeup?
„Yes, for example, I remember my gym teacher would come with a shiny black eyeliner like Sophia Loren. Nothing on the skin but this perfect winged eyeliner. It was definitely watching movies and seeing Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, and all these actresses sparked my interest. Somehow, it’s something that stuck with me and I’ve loved it ever since.“

Makeup trend you’ve been loving recently?
„I do love glowy skin and gigantic eyes!“

Best tip for making eyes look bigger?
„It depends on the eye shape, but you can use a fusion of liner, shadow, and lashes on both the top and bottom and that enlarges the eyes quite a lot.“

What about a trend you hate?
„Excessive eyeliner and excessive shading or contouring. I see on Instagram, people put frosty highlighter all over their nose. I don’t love the makeup when it looks like a mask.“

Do you have a favorite memory with Karl Lagerfeld?
„It was probably a shoot that we did in Paris and he shot the big billboards. I basically created highlighter with powder and it was natural makeup with highlighter in whiter. After the shoot was done, [Lagerfeld] sat at the table and I sat next to him. He had a drawer full of eyeshadows and took out a white one, and highlighter all over the polaroid photo. All over the center of the forehead, cheekbones, and the chin, and it was just fabulous to see him do that.“

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