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As far as we know, there’s almost no such thing as effortless beauty. From facial treatments that leave your complexion dewy and luminous to the perfect winged eyeliner, experts reveal their most-trusted, insider hacks for CR’s series, Beauty Secrets.

Responsible for crafting some of the most impressive smokey eyes and expertly contoured looks in the beauty industry, Joyce Bonelli’s daily makeup routine is surprisingly low-maintenance compared to the ones she dreams up for her clients. „I am a makeup artist, but I love a good cheat,“ she tells CR. „I have permanent lashes and my main makeup is foundation and a gray eyeshadow called Concrete from Mac Cosmetics as my contour powder. I would describe my aesthetic as really fresh, glowing skin and smoldering eyes with a lot of lashes.“

Here, the makeup maven caught up with CR about her biggest beauty pet peeve, her favorite hack for her brows, and her take on the latest runway trends.

What’s your skincare routine?
I’ve been using Sonya Dakar. I went on a bootcamp with her and she put me on a five-product system. I use the Sensi Wash, it’s a gentle cleanser and it’s really mild. I have sensitive skin so it’s really good for that. Then I use the Nano Clarifying Hydrator, Super Lift, Organic Omega Booster, Nutrasphere Eye Need, plus she also has an SPF I use.“

What’s one thing that has helped your skin the most?
„Something that [Drakar] is doing on me is what she calls the “skin tightening.“ It’s like an ultrasound of heat and shock. I’ve had other ones and they hurt so bad, even with numbing cream and lidocaine shots and it still hurts! I think most estheticians have a machine like this and it’s not as aggressive with the pain. Sonya’s treatment is so amazing. Right now, I am pregnant so I can’t get botox so I’ve been doing this every three to five weeks. It really lifts! It really works! I have really sensitive skin so I don’t really like to recommend the laser treatments on the face.“

Five makeup products you’re loving?
„I’m obsessed with the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes. The pigments are really amazing and there’s this one in particular that has gold, camel, earthy tones to it and I use it all the time on my clients. Another thing I am loving is the Benefit Cosmetics Bomb Ass Brows! I don’t like brows that are super filled-in and don’t look like brush-drawn hairs, and this product has matte and thicker cream shadows that you can mix them or use separately. My everyday lip situation is MAC Cosmetic’s Stripdown lip pencil and I fill in my entire lip. I am just like OG, I am still down with their lip pencils because they’re not too creamy, not too dry, they’re just perfect. I’ve been using those for 20 years. The lipstick I am obsessed with right now is Marc Jacobs Sonic Truth 244. It’s a lip creme rouge, it’s really moisturizing and I love a good pigment. The foundation I use on myself everyday is La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 in Créme Peche. It’s really great, because I am very alabaster and I don’t like to have a heavy coverage on so this works really well.“

Any favorite makeup trends right now?
„I really love a clean face and glitter on the whole eyelid, wing liner, or glitter lips. I don’t normally like a lot of color, but for Spring/Summer 2019, people have done a lot of color for the shows. I like how people are pairing it with not too much contouring, not too much highlight, and then that really strong color like royal blue. Of course, I am always into brows that are sort of wide and brushed-up. I was born with small brows, so I try to make them look as big as possible, because I think you look younger with bushier brows.“

Have you tried micro-blading?
„Yes! I love micro-blading! I actually just did it a couple weeks ago, because the last time I did it was about at year ago, so I do it every year to freshen up. I prefer it than putting so much makeup in an eyebrow. A lot of people are scared of micro-blading and everyone has one brow that needs more attention than the other. I put black pigment because it shows up as brown with my skin tone and I’ll add makeup to make them look even wider.“

Favorite red carpet look you’ve done?
„One of my favorites is Salma Hayek for Cannes when she wore a baby pink wig and we did glitter eyes. It was such a cute look and I really loved that. Then, of course Emily Ratajkowski’s look for the Met Gala. We did super glowing skin and I used all Marc Jacobs makeup. It was a coconut bronzer, this really beautiful bronze color palette on her skin and eyes.“

What about your biggest makeup pet peeve?
„My biggest pet peeve has always been too much contouring. I think things get lost in translation when you’re watching YouTube videos and there are people telling you how to do makeup on someone that they didn’t even do. They’re possibly suggesting shades that are so much darker and things look different on camera. I don’t like when it looks like your whole makeup is a mask. For photoshoots, I’m into it but for everyday, I feel like the trend right now is breathable skin. I tell people to keep it so two things really pop on the face and not so the whole face is perfectly packed with makeup.“

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