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Beauty isn’t just false lash extensions, lip kits, and slathering on creams and serums overnight. The cult of wellness has accrued a loyal fanbase in recent years and alongside the rising popularity of face de-puffing jade rollers and dry brushing your entire body to improve circulation and exfoliate the skin, the movement has also been bogged down with accusations of pseudo-science without any factual backing (see also: debunked claims of vaginal eggs boosting mental health and regulating hormones).

Although proponents of Traditional Chinese or Eastern medicine can’t claim that the results can remedy all types of pain and stop aging in its tracks, acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and exercise have some proven benefits for mental and physical health. Juhi Singh, who opened the Juhi Center in New York last fall, dedicated herself to herbal medicine after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years back. She launched a career based on alternative therapies to Western surgeries and treatments, advocating instead for Ayurvedi medicine, acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, and meditation and garnering a wide client base from high-profile athletes to Carine herself.

Here, the wellness guru speaks with CR about micro-needling, her daily beauty ritual, and how to combat fine lines and wrinkles without botox.

Walk me through your beauty routine.
„I always say ‚Less is more, keep it simple, and pick things you really like and stick with it.‘ For me personally, I’m 43 and one of the most effective things I’ve found is micro-needling [a cosmetic procedure that involves puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to induce collagen.] It doesn’t actually cause you to bleed but it tricks the brain into thinking it’s a micro-trauma and it’s going to conceal it. It’s great for lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.“

What would you recommend for someone who’s new to micro-needling?
„You can buy it online and do it yourself. What I would probably recommend is going to someone first and trying it, but if you don’t have the time, it’s easy enough to do on your own. And do it when you’re out of the shower, and your pores are still open. That’s also the best time to apply any type of moisturizer or, for me, an oil.“

What are your beauty hacks?
„My grandmother has never used anything on her skin except for vitamin E oil, and she’s 85 and she’s beautiful. So for me, that’s the thing I learned from her growing up. When I was pregnant, I bought something called Mother’s Blend and it’s oil that’s made out of Jojoba oil. All the women in the family have gotten stretch marks so I thought I was gonna get them. I put this stuff on in the morning and night and I didn’t get one stretch mark. That’s going to maintain your elasticity on your stomach, which is the same thing on your face. Then I use Tatcha face mist. It’s very simple.“

What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation?
„It’s literally the antithesis of botox and plastic surgery…but I fundamentally believe that beauty is from the inside out. The face is a roadmap of what’s going on internally and for me, when I look at somebody and I see darkness around the mouth it, that means that something is going on. Deep line over the chin can indicate a hormonal imbalance. If you don’t balance your body, and you don’t take care of yourself internally, it will show on your skin. If you don’t drink enough water, you’re dehydrated; if don’t sleep enough, you get dark circles. And a lot of this has to do with diet and your lifestyle and it’s important to figure out which food is good for you specifically. And meditation to be happy: the best anti-aging trick!“

How can acupuncture and meditation help?
„We have to figure out what tools we have available to us to mediate stress. A lot of us are working 24/7 and there’s not a lot of downtime, and so by doing acupuncture, making sure you meditate, even if it’s five minutes everyday, keeps your body and mind in balance. A lot of people will say ‚Well, there’s nothing wrong with me, why would I do it?‘ I don’t know anyone who has absolutely nothing wrong and acupuncture addresses conditions on a deep level, whether it’s sleep, pain, or whatever else is going on.“

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