Matthew Noszka Shows Off the Latest Fall Collections—and His Model Body


When you ask Matthew Noszka what muscle groups he works out the most, the former hometown athlete, now fast-rising model and actor, flashes a grin and answers, “I’ve been working on my handstands. You wanna see?” Then he pushes back his chair and flips his legs up in the air to demonstrate. He’s a living tower of power. Fresh off his TV acting debut in BET’s Tales—the news-making hip-hop series that inverts race relations—Noszka is clearly pumped. And he ought to be. He’s covered bigtime chat shows like Ellen, appeared in Harper’s Bazaar alongside Rihanna, and, on this day, he’s just flown in from a project in Canada he can’t yet discuss.

Typically it’s not Noszka’s style to hold back. The guy talks as easily about sports and fashion as he does about family. He claims to be “big on speaking things into existence.” And that, he says, is at the heart of his rise, from a single shirtless selfie on a Pittsburgh construction job to a burgeoning career in fashion and television. He says he’s democratic with brands, going from Gucci to Nike and Vans. And he confesses a passion for the all-American tracksuit, especially the vintage Karl Kani he owns.

For this shoot from CR Men’s Issue 5, Robbie Fimmano and Noszka reimagined the modern gym routine, inspired by Charles Hix’s ’80s camp classic men’s book, Working Out. But whether suited up, half-dressed, or skinned down to one’s skivvies, Noszka says, being “body positive is something everyone should be.” Meanwhile, when he hears that Cher, at 71, can hold a five-minute plank, he bats back, “Oh, I think I could top her. I’m pretty sure I could.” With confidence like that, Noszka’s career will work out just fine.



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