Your Weekly Horoscope for December 18th



Don’t let being single during the holidays get you down. This season is the best time to meet someone new and strike up a new relationship! For couples, you’ve been spending so much time trying to change your partners’ mind. Learn to compromise and you’ll both be happier in the long run. You’ve been feeling frustrated at work because it seems like everyone around you is slacking off. It’s your impatience that is actually the problem!


Playing it safe has always been your strong suit, but you may find yourself caught up in a new whirlwind romance that has you questioning your old ways. All of the beautiful restaurants and outings will cause you to let your guard down. For those already in relationships, don’t let your latest real estate investment take up all of your energy (and funds). Spend the holidays in love and don’t forget to spoil your partner. Work will be challenging for you this week, as Jupiter and Mars interfere with your ability to connect with co-workers.


You’ll have a very promising exchange this week with a new lover that will lift your spirits. Nothing is ever that simple, however, so it’s best to be careful with your emotions. For couples, you’ve been doing such a good job of staying attentive to your partner. Keep it up and your holiday season will be harmonious. A new opportunity will present itself at work this week but you’ll have to solve any financial problems before you can make any progress.


The holidays are especially hard for you, because you see all of the other couples in love. Don’t let your low spirits get to you—try to appreciate all of the beautiful Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts around you. For those in relationships, try to keep from unloading all of your stress onto your partner. It could cause a rift in the relationship just before the holidays. You’ve never felt this much energy and enthusiasm for work and your positivity will definitely pay off. New opportunities are waiting for you in the new year!


You seem to have what everyone else wants. Beauty, charm, and allure, no one will be able to resist you. Venus and Mars this week will bring you a chance encounter that could be love at first sight. For people in relationships, your parter will be incredibly supportive this week, telling you that he or she is your number one fan. Pluck up the courage to ask for a raise at the end of this year, or else you just might have to wait until the end of 2018!


Passionate relationships with no real future were fine for you before, but you’ve made the decision not to waste your time with anyone unless you see it ending in marriage. 2018 will be the year of love for you. For couples, you’ll have to take a risk and move your relationship in the right direction. Mars will also revive a project at work that you’ve already abandoned. Take a chance and you’ll likely succeed!


You’re having fun dating whoever you want with no strings attached. There’s plenty of joy in the air during the holidays so enjoy it! For those in relationships, take the time to share great memories with your family and cook a delicious Christmas dinner together. In your professional life, you’ll tell your boss this week to ease up on the pressure and that you want time to do your job well.


You’ve had a dry spell as of late, but Mars will soon bring love back into your life. Your mood will be instantly lifted and your dating life will look promising! As for those already coupled up, your partner has gotten fed up with all of your demands lately. Learn to lighten up or risk having a bad holiday season! You’ll have the courage to start a new project at work and will have to put in extra effort to achieve everything on time.


Enjoy the single life, but be wary of potential suitors whose actions don’t match their words! Mercury and Venus will come together to allow you to meet a charming, beautiful person in your life. For people in relationships, you’re happy just to curl up under a warm blanket with your partner and enjoy the holidays. You’ve been a little lazy at work, but you’ll feel motivated right before Christmas to get all of your work done as quickly as possible.


You aren’t able to see what’s right in front of you. There are plenty of suitors who want to take you out on dates, but you remain guarded in order to eliminate any chances of forming a deeper connection. For couples, you’ve already made it perfectly clear to your partner that you’re too busy to take care of him or her. Now, your partner is giving you the silent treatment and sulking instead. You have a lot of motivation at work and will take advantage of all of the newfound energy.


It’s possible that you already feel so fulfilled with your close friendships that you find no room for romance in your life. Why not test the waters and see if you can strike up a new relationship? For those already with partners, the holiday season will bring open communication for you two. What matters to you at the moment, however, is focusing on your career and looking to the future without worrying about your personal life.


Being distrustful of others is preventing you from dating and finding love. Stop doubting your choices, there’s nothing to fear! For couples, a heart-to-heart will ease all of the tension between you two and bring a promising outlook for the future. There will be conflict at work between your boss and your team. Act quickly so you won’t be bogged down with stress.


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