Your Weekly Horoscope for November 27th



You may be irresistible to everyone around you, but you’ll be able to resist their charms, because the good moments with them are always fleeting. You aren’t lacking any money in your relationship, but it’s better to split everything evenly. Mars will bring challenges, but Mercury will allow you to save. At work, you’ll finish up a project that will allow you to fill your pockets very soon.


You will be living the dream this week. Not only will there be plenty of parties, but they’ll put a lot of things in perspective, which may even lead to promising new encounters (perhaps you’ll even end the year with a new companion?) Everything will be content in your relationship. Happy and festive outings will leave you in good spirits, but be sure to stay open to dialogue and compromise to get what you want from your partner.


This doesn’t seem to be your week. You haven’t been putting yourself out there and your mood changes fast, and others have taken notice. That’s the reason no one dares to invite you out or to even give you a call. For those already in relationships, use subtlety to get what you want with your partner. Act too aggressively and you’ll only be met with negativity. Mercury will also bring new opportunities and good news at work.


Always put yourself out there, even though you’ve already decided not to trust anyone. For couples, your partner is proud when you’re the center of attention, but be careful, because it could lead to jealousy. Elsewhere, don’t be afraid to seize new opportunities that will allow you to work in a field of interest.


You have to learn how to look to the future, and forget the ideals of the past, because you’ll only lose time warming up to a new partner. For those in relationships, try to relax. Your stress can contaminate the whole house, so learn to cultivate calmness instead. It’s best to be be patient at work, even if you don’t get what you want immediately from your boss.


You’ll want to move out of your usual comfort zone this week, and a lot of unforeseeable events will lead you to stray from your daily routine. A loved one will support your decision in confronting your partner and trying to make him or her listen to reason. Elsewhere, don’t trust any promises and only believe what you see.


Don’t doubt your ability to seduce. If a relationship no longer seems worth it, you don’t have a shortage of potential suitors. For couples, your relationship has been going well, but it’ll take a lot of initiative on your part to take the next step and see a wedding in your future. At work, you’ll play with your luck and your sense of opportunity will lead you to change your job or find a new one.


You prefer to test out a new relationship instead of getting your hopes up, but don’t let your fear get in the way because you’ve already won your partner over. Your relationship will be more romantic than ever and you’ll share many pleasant moments with your other half. Your morale will be up and people will be receptive to your work projects, leading to more positive developments in your future.


Everything is fine because your social and romantic relationships are strong, so make the best of it, enjoy going out, and meet new people. For couples, you’ll want to seek reassurance with your partner that you both see a future long-term. Mercury is encouraging you to make some changes at work, so why not ask your boss for a new project?


Your last meeting with a friend-turned-crush will evolve into a real romance and finally, you’ll see that it wasn’t just friendship. Couples, take the time to find yourself separate from your children or loved ones, and it will revive your mutual love for each other. You’ll find luck at work this week, whether it’s a new project or new job.


You don’t want to waste any time with potential partners without any future, and the emotional distance you create will weed out anyone who isn’t serious about you. Sometimes your partner may seem distant and difficult to follow, but the bond between you two will remain strong. That coveted position at work is finally yours, so enjoy it!


If you don’t want to be alone, the only remedy is to accept any invitations that come your way and to keep a positive outlook! If not, your romantic life will remain stuck. You’ll have to devote more time to your lover this week, otherwise you run the risk of losing each other. Jupiter will encourage your creativity at work while Venus will spread your talents to others.


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