Your Weekly Horoscope for October 30th



Play up your sweet side and tone down the fire. Your loved one will prefer it and harmony will ensue. At work, if you’re proposing new ideas, perhaps it’s best to practice with a friend before pitching them to the team. The rehearsal will do you good.


You have a good week ahead. Charity and niceness pours out from your soul, while at the same time, you’ve never been more popular. Enjoy the feelings of happiness, you deserve it!


The universe is telling you to flirt. Go out and meet new people. If not for romance, at least friends. Open up your circle to others! For those in relationships, you must open up as well, or else complicity will be your doom. Don’t let existing problems—at work or outside of it—drag you down.


Learn from your past. You must find positivity in order for you to move on. Romantically, you’re emotionally exhausted. Try to understand the situation before turning fully in your heels. At least you’re gaining confidence at work! It’s a positive time for your career.


Now is not a time for love per se, but these dates and conquests are doing wonders for your ego. For couples, make sure you’re staying active and engaged in your relationship. Small surprises and tenderness will keep you lovingly in each other’s arms.


Don’t let yourself go around in circles this week. Now is a good time to have faith in yourself and trust your gut. At the same time, don’t let your anger get the best of you. If your loved one doesn’t put a dish away or their feet on the couch, don’t explode. Take a deep breath, you got this.


Singes, enjoy this state of grace. It’s quite possible that the confidence will bring you to your true love. Couples, you’re having oh so much fun. Enjoy the bliss. At work, you might find yourself in those that want to argue. Pick your battle carefully.


Everything this week feels like all or nothing. We know it’s confusing, but at least those extremes are clear. You have to create the balance yourself. Professionally, your motivation is flawless. The only issue is when to stop—don’t forget to care for your physical self.


Singles, this is not the time for love. But enjoy being solo or with your friends—you will find fun nevertheless. Couples, if your lover is distracted with work or friends, take the opportunity to try something on your own. You don’t need him or her to have a good time.


Think before you commit to anything too time consuming. This is a busy week and you’ll find yourself inundated with the day-to-day, so things like flirting and freelance work won’t be on your mind.


Whatever you want romantically is possible, you just need to take it. There may be a low blow coming for you at work, but you’ve known about it for some time now. Don’t let it bring you down. Be ready to draw your gun when the time is right.


Make the changes you’ve been talking about for a while. Whether it’s a new look or life coach—there is no better time like today. Professionally, don’t focus too much on finances. There is more to life than just digits.


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