9 Ways to Wear a Corset


In fashion, you’ll often hear the phase “work with what you’ve got.” If you’re blessed with long legs, you’ll accentuate them with trousers. If you’re short, you’ll avoid long dresses. And any woman who has curves know exactly how to hide, or accentuate, given the occasion’s dress code.

Several months ago, an unexpected back injury forced our editor in chief to have to do the same. The doctor ordered that a new, yet familiar, accessory be added to her repertoire. Being the stylist that she, at first glance you’d think her back brace was the latest from Alaïa or Givenchy.

To set the record straight, it’s a hospital-issued, corrective brace that she prefers to think of—and wear as—a corset. “My brace is a piece that I have to wear, so I’ve chosen to make it visible instead of hiding it,” Carine explains. “It’s molded to my body, just like a corset—and just like all of the pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve always loved to wear.”

Luckily for Carine, her accident was a well-timed one; corset-like accessories were on the Fall ’15 runways at Alexander Wang in New York and, similarly, in Milan, harnesses were worn over dresses at Giambattista Valli’s Giamba show to give shape. The trend suggests creating a more body conscious silhouette, but, at the same time, using contrast to create more of an edge. Paris’ upcoming collections may have something similar in store. It wouldn’t be a first time for that either; Carine fondly recalls the beauty of an infamous one made for Mr. Yves Saint Laurent by Claude Lalanne.

As Carine would do, she’s “embraced her brace,” giving it the important role of “a new belt.” It’s fitting then, for her “corset” to be the center of her latest fashion editorial titled 9 Ways to Wear a Corset, by Carine Roitfeld.

Makeup Miwoo Kim


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