The Best Lingerie Moments in CR


It’s no secret that CR has a penchant for lingerie. From corsetry and latex to more traditional bras and panties, we’ve featured it all at some point in our past and present issues. Some fun facts about lingerie: The word itself is derived from the the French word ‘linge,’ which means linen. History has it, that underwear has been a French staple since the 1800s, but that lingerie didn’t officially enter the French lexicon until 1922. Since then, the category has progressed to include some more comfortable designs in addition to its original, less breathable options. The most recent lingerie development is a phenomenon the French are calling “dessous-dessus.” Loosely translated, it means underwear as outerwear and you’ve likely seen the trend worked into the wardrobes of people like Rihanna, as well as on the runway at shows during Fashion Week.

Today is lingerie’s National Day, so we’ve rounded up its best moments in CR Fashion Book history. Scroll through to see Rihanna wearing a corset in her CR 9 cover story, Gigi Hadid doubling down on bras in CR 5, Amina Blue nearly nude in CR Men’s, and so much more.


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