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Born and raised in Paris, Eleonore Toulin has got that French girl je ne sais quoi down pat. The model got her start in 2014 after her classic good looks caught the attention of Simon Porte Jacquemus, who saw her while perusing Facebook. It wasn’t long before Karl Lagerfeld got wind of her, and the rest is fashion history. Here, the Chanel-favorite weighs in on working with Karl, tips from her model besties, her affection for Marlon Brando, and more.

What is your first memory of fashion?“I was around 10 and I remember my grandmother taking me shopping at Ralph Lauren and Ferragamo. My grandmother is pretty special, she was born in the ’50s in Houston, talks French with a very strong American accent, only reads Vogue, and changes her wardrobe every season. She was my first introduction to fashion.”

How were you discovered?“Back in the day, I was hanging out with Simon Porte Jacquemus and he introduced me to the man who came to be my agent, Arnaud Valois from Next Paris. It was professional love at first sight and the very next month I was walking for Chanel.”

What’s your modeling career highlight?“I think the first time I walked for Chanel. I’ve only walked a few shows for them, but working with Karl makes feel pretty special. Everything is so organized and the makeup is always so unique. You almost feel like a princess!”

Most memorable Chanel show so far?“I loved the striped suit that I wore for the fake protest in the Grand Palais for Spring 2015. I felt super-duper cool in it.”

Favorite designers?“Sonia Rykiel because I wish I would dress in it everyday, Chloé for summer dresses and that ’70s vibe, and Chanel for when I want to dress like a super cool grandma.”

Which makeup artists and hairstylists do you love to work with?“Karim Belghiran because he is the best the funniest and the hottest and Tom Pecheux because he can be so bitchy as a joke with me and has a great sense of humor.”

Who is your role model?“Anyone that’s passionate. It’s pretty cool to see someone doing what they love. I get very inspired from it.”

What’s the best modeling advice you’ve been given?“From my bestie, Tilda Lindstam: ‘Drink as much as you can during work and you’ll have the most fun!’”

How do you stay in shape for your job?“To be honest, not much. I try to exercise sometimes and before big shows or jobs I’ll cut out bread and pasta, but most of the time I eat what I want. Luckily, I like healthy food, so I only allow myself a big fat meal every now and then.”

Favorite beauty trick?“Before going to bed, I love to put on an Avene mask called Cicalfate. When I wake up, I feel like my skin has been renewed and healed.”

What would people be most surprised to know about you?“I used to have big big ears and I had surgery to fix them. My old nickname was Dumbo!”

Which actress would you pick to play you in a movie?“Charlotte Rampling because she is such a sophisticated and elegant woman. I wish I could be like that sometimes, but I’m sadly the complete opposite.”

Who is your celebrity crush?“Marlon Brando, times one hundred.”

Favorite place in the world and why?“My bed, because it’s the most comfortable place in the world.”

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?“I take pictures. Everywhere I go, I have my Contax T2 camera on me to catch everything that happens.”

What projects do you have on the horizon?“I am writing a video web series with a friend and I can’t say anything else about the project yet!”

Where do you see yourself in ten years?“It sounds super boring, but probably a big house with three or kids, horses, and dogs running around in the garden.”


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