Helmut Lang’s Taxi Take Over


New York’s taxicabs are an iconic element of the city. They’re absolutely everywhere, and their bright yellow color makes them impossible to miss. But starting today they’re going to get a bit more chic, as Helmut Lang hails its latest campaign—a takeover atop a fleet of cars for hire in the Big Apple.

Ads on taxis might not seem like a noteworthy subject, but context here is key: Helmut Lang himself was the first designer in history to advertise on cabs in 1998, so the decision to put ads on cars (275 to be specific) is a throwback to the brand’s legacy.

To celebrate the trip down memory lane, the label is releasing a limited-edition capsule collection including two hoodies, and a t-shirt that features an archival image of one the original taxi ads from the ‘90s. Keeping things on-theme, both the collection and the new ads were photographed on real NYC taxi drivers at an auto body in Long Island City.

This is not the first time a major New York-based brand has partnered with a group that keeps the city running. Last year Heron Preston notably created a capsule collection based off, and in partnership with, the Department of Sanitation. The Helmut Lang Taxi Project, however, has the added element of free stuff—the label will be giving away items from a branded cab, and will be releasing more information on social media. Keeping your eyes peeled for a taxi in NYC hasn’t been this fun since Cash Cab was still on the air.

Limited Edition items from the Helmut Lang Taxi Project are available in stores and online now.


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