Hood by Air’s Pornhub Stars


In so many clever ways, Shayne Oliver tells us that fashion is not just about fashion. If fashion is a form of self-expression, than you can use to say a lot more than here is the shirt, pants, and regular shoes that I’m wearing today. For Spring 2017, Hood By Air wants you to say: I stream videos on PornHub just like anyone else. And, ‚yes, I can walk just fine in these.‘

Presumably, models were backstage getting their hair and faces slapped with Vaseline, the show’s unofficial proud sponsor. After awhile the soundtrack kicked in, starting with strange noises that are part of a joint project called Wench between Oliver, who is on vocals, and electronic music producer and sound consultant, Arca. The duo released the first Wench song back in February, but this season its logo appeared multiple times on shirting throughout the collection.

The other prominent logos were from Hustler (on wearable polo shirts) and Porn Hub; Oliver teamed up to make a video series with the popular online destination whose tagline is: „free porn, sex videos, and pussy movies.“

The models represented porn stars as much as they did the average porn-watching sap, who Oliver channeled through a white oxford shirts that was still partially inside of its sad plastic wrapper. Of course, all of the collection’s components were given the HBA treatment in one way or another, best exemplified by the footwear, which you could describe as a boot that goes both ways. There was a pointed toe in the back as well as the front, which some models struggled with. One of the only ones who didn’t was Bill Bellingham, who told us backstage that it was Oliver himself who gave them their specific catwalk instructions for the show.

When you’re done taking it all in, another thing to notice is that Oliver’s Hood By Air has become more sophisticated. His approach isn’t mainstream, but it’s pretty straight forward. And if you don’t like it, you can download your porn while wearing something else.


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