The Diary of Lida Fox


The life of a model is much like that of a jet set musician: short days in random cities, high adrenaline shows, late night parties, multiple outfit changes, and an ever-escalating number of miles on the clock. Such antics make for compelling viewing, which is why we’re excited to share Saint Laurent model and frequent CR favorite, Lida Fox’s latest photographic venture.

Made in collaboration with her friend Aida Nizankovska, the project is titled “Film Hooligans,” and the concept for it is simple: they both shoot one roll of film over the course of each week and upload it to the FH site, no matter where they are and no matter what they’re doing. „Lots of my friends and I have been taking photos of all of our crazy shenanigans on 35mm film for quite a while,“ says Lida. „Some of us are photographers, models, musicians, artists, or others just interested in film for the quality of the pictures and the surprise you get back when you develop a roll from a crazy night out or some other adventure. I’ve always posted a few photos to Instagram, but a lot of friends were interested in seeing all of the photos, so my friend Aida and I decided to start a website that serves as a film collective.“

So far, they’ve documented their off-duty hours in Europe, Asia, and America, and in this post, you can see what a “Hooligan” Halloween looks like. Expect Edward Scissorhands, Darth Vader, Beetlejuice, and an ample splattering of fake blood.

[image id=’f73f3b2f-8f9b-41b6-8b77-bfbc73fd7746′ mediaId=’b01bcea7-a50d-4ce2-a8e3-b99b8215b5fa‘ align=’center‘ size=’medium‘ share=’true‘ caption=“ expand=’true‘ crop=’original‘]


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