Love Without a Label


The definition of the word ambiguity may have negative undertones. It’s meaning refers to “a lack of decisiveness.” On the other hand, the lack of belonging to any category or label whatsoever is one of the very things that continues to excite us about fashion. If there’s one designer who represents the beauty that lies within the decidedly undecided, its Jonathan Anderson.

But “gender bending” or “blurring” aren’t the appropriate terms to label his approach with. It’s his disregard for these rules altogether that opens the door for a newness, and an inventiveness that couldn’t otherwise be discovered. This is how Anderson has succeeded in cultivating some of the most innovative silhouettes since his runway debut in 2008. We welcome his version of a shared wardrobe that isn’t quite unisex: matching motorcycle jackets could be „borrowed from the boys” as well as they could belong to the boys themselves. For spring, the same went for trench coats, knitwear, and his vast selection of of-the-moment scarves.

Here—in the form of our very own love story—we pay homage to these ideals that have become the building blocks of Jonathan Anderson’s refreshing aesthetic. Not unlike Anderson’s Loewe campaigns featuring archival imagery by Steven Meisel, it all started with a kiss.


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