Kate Moss is Releasing a Line of Fine Jewelry


Kate Moss is inarguably one of the most famous models in the world. She’s been a fixture in fashion editorials and advertising for nearly three decades and likely receives a bombardment of requests to put her name on various products. Yet, she rarely does—which is why today’s news that she’s releasing a line of jewelry with Brazilian designer, Ara Vartanian is all the more exciting.

Vartanian is a fine jeweler with a famous following. Among his private clients, you’ll find big name fans like Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler, Sharon Stone, and of course Ms. Moss. What makes Vartanian a standout in the field of jewelry designers is his ability to meld luxurious materials with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. He integrates diamonds and gemstones into his simple pieces, in a way that looks understated and rustic. His collaborative collection with Moss will use the same high luxury materials, with a clever English twist.

To give the collection Moss’ signature, the two went through her wardrobe to find inspiration. What they settled on was mixing Vartanian’s design framework with symbolism from English folklore. For instance, one piece references the sword of Medieval-era Saint George, who is England’s patron saint. According to legend, he slayed a dragon with a silver sword to save a Pagan village. Other symbols used in the collaborative range include a crescent moon, to ward off bad spirits.

The collection was initially born out of the designer and supermodel’s close personal friendship; Kate is even a godmother to one of Ara’s daughter. Moss wanted to create a line of everyday jewelry that also had some meaning behind them. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said that the original catalyst for collaborating was Moss borrowing one of his most precious pieces. “Ara always wore this pendant which he explained brings good energy. I told him I loved it and he gave it to me, so he had to make another one of his own!”

As of yet, there’s no word on exactly when the collection will be released, but when it does, you’ll be able to shop it at Harvey Nichols and the Ara Vartanian flagship store in London, England.


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