Roxy Delivers the Most High-Tech Skincare Innovation of the Year


You’d be hard-pressed to find a female athlete that denies the connection between feeling her physical best and her own beauty regimen. In this way the significance of skincare has less to do with vanity and far more to do with finding practical fixes for pesky side-effects associated with their chosen sport. Some combative measures take an old school approach—synchronized swimmers, for example, routinely coat their hair in unflavored Jell-O to protect it from the long hours of exposure to chlorine. On the other end of the spectrum, snow-wear brand Roxy is leading the way for female skiers and snowboarders with a more high-tech beauty solution.

Straddling the gamut of both skincare and wearable technology, the company has partnered with French beauty label Biotherm for the first-ever line of professional gear that protects the skin on the outside, while nourishing it from within. The line uses intelligent micro-encapsulation, nutrient-rich particles of vitamin E, shea butter, apricot, and a potent blend of Marine-Christe extracts. Together, they’ve been integrated into the fabric of coats, neck-warmers, and mittens to help combat the harsh effects of sub-zero temperatures, dry air, and friction.

The initial idea for the launch was sparked after Roxy’s head of global outerwear Francois Latterrade, fielded a slew of requests from professional athletes—including snowboarding Olympic Gold Medalist, Torah Bright—who represent the brand on an international level. Every female competitor’s ask had a common theme: Could anything be done clothing-wise to avoid the sore, inflamed skin associated with the slopes? At the root of Roxy’s business model is the aim to empower women through innovation and design, so Latterade and her team quickly got to work.

Collaborating with Biothem was an obvious next step. Both brands are experts in their respective markets and share a common background in the water universe: Roxy is linked to heritage surf label Quicksilver and all Biotherm products are formulated with thermal plankton extract from the mountain springs of Molitg-Les-Bain in the French Pyrenees. Pooling their resources, the two brands were able to perfect the first iteration of the skin-savvy, moisturizing snow-wear of the future.

The secret of how it works is the process of micronencapsulation. In layman’s terms, this clever technology allows liquid or solid substances to be invisibly encased in thin-walled natural or synthetic fibers. As the treated fabric comes into contact with the skin, the micro particles break, progressively releasing the formula. In the instance of the skiwear, Biotherm inserted active nourishing ingredients into the fabric of a number of pre-existing Roxy designs with no impact on the aesthetic. The everyday friction of a day on the slopes then ensures a steady release of said ingredients and continuous skin protection—no further steps required.

After a series of rigorous tests and tweaks—including one for cleaning that allows the microencapsulated fabric to be washed 15 times at 40 degrees Celsius before the effect dissipates—the two brands have made the final Roxy x Biotherm collection available to purchase and the line is surprisingly affordable. No single piece comes in at over 0 dollars before taxes and prices start from as little as just .

Speaking candidly, Latterade commented that the innovative, dual-pronged technology is now a staple in the brand’s cold-weather gear. Next year, Roxy has plans to expand the line to include a new, organic, eco-certified skincare formula with improved antioxidant-rich ingredients microencapsulated.

The Roxy x Biotherm collection is available to shop online.


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