Prada Olfactories


The language of Prada is a complex, colorful, and fascinating one, so it’s of no surprise that each unisex scent in its new Prada Olfactories fragrance collection can promise much more than the average perfume. Disregarding the need to explain any fragrance notes, the concept of the range was devised by Miuccia Prada and perfumer Daniela Andrier and is posed in terms of symbols and emotions in the hope that each wearer will be enveloped into a multi-sensory, dream-like experience uniquely their own.

Coming in ten variants, each fragrance is colored a different shade of the rainbow and comes with a surreal visual collage and printed silk pouch that correlate to the symbols and emotions of which it is made. As one might guess, ‘Tainted Love,’ is pink, comes with lip-printed packaging, and is described as „playful and seductive, with a regressive edge of nostalgia,“ but others are not so obvious. For example, ‘Day for Night,’ is orange and ‘Purple Rain,’ is in fact not purple, but a light shade of yellow—perhaps representing the warm sensation of when something first touches the skin.

Scroll through to see what meaning you take from the symbols of each scent’s collage and head to Prada Soho to smell and purchase the transcendental fragrances for yourself.


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