Loewe’s Chance Encounter


It was a miserable day in New York, but on the other end of the line was Jonathan Anderson in sunny Miami who was busy preparing for the opening of his exhibition titled ‘Chance Encounters’ that he’ll present tonight with Don and Mera Rubell at Loewe’s Design District attorney location.

Anderson semi-joked that his main role was “to make sure that nothing breaks,” but it’s clear that this particular “chance encounter” couldn’t have been masterminded by anyone else. He has brought together four different artists that aim to bridge past, present and future—an idea that Anderson has toyed with in his campaigns—for an encounter that could only occur in his imagination. Anthea Hamilton, Paul Nash, Lucie Rie, and Rose Wylie are transported to Loewe’s all-white space in modern day Miami via 18th century Spain. “I wanted to show Spanish history in a modern context,” Anderson says with a great degree of pride for this location. “It’s really an exciting moment that isn’t about me—it’s about the brand’s history.”

Though vastly different, this all-British cast of artists represents work that Anderson is personally passionate about, not to mention the important roles that they’ve each played throughout history and today. Luci Rei famously worked with Issaye Mikayke in the 1980s, Paul Nash escaped Vienna during the 1930s to pursue his startling version of war photography and paintings that will forever be imprinted in our minds. Now in her early 80s, Rose Wylie continues to win awards for her celebrated paintings. Artist-to-watch Anthea Hamilton is steadily making a name for herself as one of contemporary art’s cheekiest culprits. (Those familiar with her viral exhibition of buttocks sculptures last fall will understand that “cheeky” is meant literally.) Here in Miami they’ll meet. “You have these four people exhibiting in Miami, which would never happen. Anthea Hamilton gives this incredible personal touch to reality. This modernity wouldn’t have been mixed with any of these artists because she wasn’t even alive during this period. These chance encounters are what fashion is about too,” he continues as Hamilton’s piece is being assembled in the background. “Girls walking on a catwalk…it’s a moment.”

Anderson says that this exhibit will be the first of a series of exhibitions that will become an annual tradition in Miami. Next year, Jonathan Anderson will bring together a different group of people with this self-imposed question in mind: “How can a craft brand like Loewe expose craft? It has to be personal and it has to build upon the brand’s history.”

Loewe Miami Design District, 110 NE 39th Street


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