December 21st Horoscope

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“This week brings a new and exciting romance if you’re single, but try not to let it take up all of your time as your family wants to see you over the holidays too. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll enjoy a new adventure, but will need to take into consideration your partner’s feelings if you don’t want it to become a point of conflict in the future. Career-wise: Balance is the key to success.”


“If the phrase ‘carpe diem’ applies to anyone, it’s to single Libras on the verge of finding love. Couples: If you keep expectations of your partner relatively low, you’ll save yourself from disappointment later on in week. Professionally speaking, if there’s an important decision to be made, trust your gut instinct and go with it.”


“Single Scorpios will find themselves returning home with dreams of reconciling with an ex this week. For those already in a relationship, remember that it’s not a crime to ask your partner a difficult question, so just be bold and just say it. At work, a sense of entitlement has no place in the office.”

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