Daily February 2nd

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“If you’ve recently paired up with a new lover, you may start to feel somewhat disenchanted with the way that the relationship is going this week. Couples: Remember that if you tell your partner to look elsewhere for affection, there’s a good chance that they will. Professionally speaking, Jupiter will see that any longstanding financial issues are finally resolved.”


“This week, try not to question every little thing in your life. Doing so only holds you back from actually living, so instead, throw caution to the wind and put yourself out there. If you’re in a relationship, concentrate on spicing up your love life if you’re feeling a bit bored in the bedroom. At work, a new hiring strategy will leave you feeling displeased.”


“If you’re single, make a point of loving yourself before you even attempt to start a new relationship. For those already paired up, a similar sentiment is true: If you’re unhappy, look inside yourself and see what you can do to make things better before you start blaming your partner. At work, a straightforward approach is the easiest way to get the job done.”

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