Your Weekly Horoscope for June 3rd

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Hearing a very flattering compliment will make you blush and give you back the taste of love. The only thing singles need to worry about is if they truly like a suitor or not. For those already in relationships, sometimes you expect too much from your lover and it makes him or her feel unappreciated. Professionally, a great offer is in your future thanks to Jupiter.


Singles, your ability to please is limitless at this time and all is well this week. For couples, you’re with your great love right now and are feeling very intense. Career-wise, all of your efforts will be noticed soon and a promotion or a raise is in your future.


Play it safe, because if you jump at the opportunity to date someone who doesn’t truly deserve you, you might sell yourself short. It would be a pity, and useless for your moral. As for those already with partners, clashes about money at home are possible this week, but you should be constructive in your discussions. Professionally, the more you question your skills, the more motivation you end up having.


Singles are feeing wishy-washy this week, but want to make sure a suitor is right for them before committing. Attention is great for your ego, but does it fill your heart? As for couples, Mercury in Taurus will put family in the foreground this week. You’ll also have to put in twice amount of time into work this week. Your energy is waning, however.


Sometimes single close themselves off to new opportunities. It’s necessary that every time you go out, you meet as many new people as possible. Stop being afraid that you’ll get rejected. For those already in relationships, you feel you’re the strongest out of you two and that your other half never sees you make any mistakes. Professionally, a project can be postponed until September, but it will happen eventually.


Your charm is at an all-time high and a suitor will really interest you, but you also don’t want to rush into anything serious quite yet. As for those already with partners, don’t forget to bring as much affection to your relationship as possible, otherwise conflict might arise. Career-wise, you have a lot of time to get ahead of your competitors, but there is also no rush to do so.


The month of June will encourage singles to go out and interact with as many beautiful strangers as possible. For couples, the atmosphere has been tense between you two, so try to introduce some lightheartedness at home this week. Gemini season will encourage you to make new professional contracts to help you evolve in your career.


Singles are afraid of falling for the wrong person, so they decide to be as transparent and honest as possible. You should simply trust your natural intuition instead. For those already with partners, don’t play too much with fire. Your other half will eventually run in the other direction. Professionally, you and your boss will grow closer this week.


Singles will be going on more and more dates with real interest. Don’t be afraid, because love is at work this week. For those already in relationships, you should take more time for your partner. Even if it annoys you, listen to your employees and your superiors before making a radical decision.


Singles should make efforts when it comes to friendship and love. Even if you don’t find a long-lasting relationship, all of your friendships will be better for it. As for couples, you’ve let many issues slide because you don’t want to cause a rift between you two. Professionally, the planets will positively frame your workflow this week. Your projects will seem a sure thing.


The last days of Gemini season will bring you an answer you’ve been waiting for. Whether it’s positive or negative, you’re just relieved to receive an answer at all. For those already with partners, you feel more confident than ever in the bond you’ve created between you two. Professionally, after a brief period of distraction, everything is flowing smoothly at work and you’ll reap compliments for some time.


Singles, you always try to look at love as pragmatically as possible. In the end, that’s not how romance works. For those already in relationships, the impulse is good between you two, but you should try to have more fun together. Professionally, the results from a recent project are good, but you sometimes get into conflicts with your boss.

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