Your Weekly Horoscope for May 27th

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Singles don’t suffer from loneliness at this time. If they go out on dates, it’s because they want to and not because they’re feeling desperate. Independence is what keeps you grounded. As for those already in relationships, stop wanting to spend all of your time with your partner and encourage him or her to also spend some time alone. Professionally, you’re working on several projects at the same time. Pay attention so you don’t burn out, but thankfully, Mercury will boost your energy.


You’ve been going on scores of dates lately and although you might not be in love, you find the people very captivating. You will encounter many successes and surprises this summer. For couples, you’ve felt restrained in how you’ve behaved towards each other, but now you want to speak from the heart. Career-wise, you’ll get some new freedoms this week Pro side you claim freedom of expression and you’re right, it’s the only way to move forward and succeed.


Singles, for once are reasonable and are not bogged down in their own fantasies. Stay realistic about what to expect in love. As for those already with partners, the flame between you two has revived and it’s about time, because it has been cold between you two lately. Professionally, your only goal is to make more money and at any price! Be careful though, and don’t do anything too rash.


After a long winter and fall, spring inspires you to take charge and put yourself out there. For those already in relationships, you’ll find your positivity and plan for the future with your partner with confidence. You’ll have to brave new obstacles in your career with courage. Perseverance will allow you to tackle new projects.


Singles, it may be great to go on a few dates this week, but don’t waste your time on anyone who doesn’t want something long-term. As for couples, keep a little time for your lover and stop only thinking about work. Professionally, defend your interests and a complicated situation will resolve as if by magic.


The association between Venus and Uranus can result in love at first sight and it hasn’t happened in a while for you. You should be thrilled, but know that this type of infatuation won’t last. For those already with partners, it’s not in your best interest to start small fights for no reason. Try to invigorate the relationship by buying him or her a nice bouquet. Career-wise, a small project at the beginning can prove to be very promising for your career.


Suitors will be attracted to you like a magnet and sex and pleasure will be in an abundance. If not for love, you’ll be having a blast this week. As for those already in relationships, you’ll get a declaration of love very soon. Professionally, an interview will allow you seal the deal that will serve your future in the short-term, and your career as a whole.


Singles should take care of their loved ones this week and also enjoy some quality time with their families. It’ll put you in a good mood for the moment. As for couples, don’t think too much about pointing out the weaknesses or defects of your partner. You’re not perfect either! Your skills and ideas are finally being recognized on the job and you can advance in everything you undertake.


Don’t hesitate to keep an eye on your office and your professional relations. There is a strong possibility there might be love on the horizon. For those already with partners, spending too much time with your boss and not enough with your lover could hurt your love life. Professionally, you have an important decision to make and you should think carefully before you act.


Singles need to relax and feel better about themselves. This allows them to feel free to approach other people and strike up a connection. For those already in relationships, you can finally just spend time with your darling and take a vacation together and relax. A lot of projects are possible for you, but you should go with what inspires you most.


You care more this week about your personal worries with your family than about love. Feel free to set up a meeting with your family members to air your grievances and share what’s bothering you. As for couples, you need to talk to your partner as to not get overwhelmed in your relationship. Professionally, you’ll finally be rewarded for your ideas that you have worked hard for recently.


Singles can’t believe their eyes. Someone you’ve been yearning for for a long time will fall for your charm and vice versa. As for those already in relationships, after hashing out all your problems, go back to love. If there is a financial issue bothering you this week, go with your gut and don’t hesitate.

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