Your Weekly Horoscope for May 20th

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Singles a meeting gives you an incredible feeling especially since you were a little dow lately. Couple side if you avoid headaches everything will be fine, then you can forget the bad mood! Pro side, the best strategy is to awaken no hostility, bet on the compromise with your employees, it will succeed!


You are in a temporary period when it comes to your love life, but are feeling quite sexual! As for couples, do not hesitate to innovate, routine is not your thing especially in the interim. On the pro side, you’re going to have a crisis! You want to work a lot, but you want the money that goes with it!


The global climate is favorable to your mood, so meetings and other successes will give you a morale of steel. Venus may see that couples are in conflict this week. You are the initiator for the first part of the way, but your partner takes the blame for the other half. At work, the moment is great to exploit your gift but be careful to not expect too much.


One or more ex returns to have some fun. Know if you want to enjoy this good time for just now or for longer. Position yourself carefully. Couple side, work with your partner on each anguish between you so that it was better before. It’s just the normal evolution of your life together. In pro life, do not hesitate to listen to good advice to help you make the right decision.


Singles have decided to live in general much more originally, not necessarily that lovingly, but a more exciting life open to others and the unknown. Couples’ side, this good atmosphere between you encourages you to make projects essential to your well being for the future. At work, you finally get the green light to launch a new business that will bring you interesting fluidity but also a financial evolution.


Bet on the right number this week, because the key will be to find fun and sex. Mars also boosts couples’ libido and this reassures you and your love too! Pro side, Mars pushes you to move your situation and even to force to reach a good destination.


Frankly, if you do not meet the one this week or very soon, it’s because you do it on purpose! Go further than the tip of your nose! Couples’ side cultivate the art of compromise, especially if it is not simple in the first place. At work, cultivate your notoriety within your company so that it thinks of you at the right time.


Stop splitting hairs otherwise you will spend the winter alone–ask yourself the right questions to get the right answers! You will see that it is much simpler. On the faith side of Scorpio, you will get satisfaction for a flashback, however use a little more sweetness this time. On the pro side you are not satisfied, complement the results in relation to your expectations, and let the exasperation pass and have your determination take over.


Your cheerful nature has made you a little lackluster lately. Finally you allow yourself fantasies that will give you fun while waiting for great love. On the couple side, the beautiful Venus / Jupiter aspect gives a sweet feeling at home for both of you but also for your family. Pro side an unexpected discussion paves the way for a new activity and your know-how will be a great asset.


Singles if you decide to see everything in black, it’s needless to tell you that love will not be there. We leave you the week to see more clearly, after that it will become heavy! On the couple side, the fear of the next day haunts you as if everything could stop from one day to another! Stop it is not in the program. At work, success is yours, thanks to your hard work and your good contacts.


Your charisma is emulated and you just have to choose the one you just met to continue for the future. Couple side your dear does not resist your charm, your hugs, and your good advice. Pro side use your gifts like being a good speaker, but do not overdo it.


Singles if you exchange a kiss even if it is passionate, it’s not a reason to be in the possessiveness as if it were for life. Couple side if you have the impression to do everything for your other half and exchange is restricted, lift your foot. Mars in opposition challenges you at work. Either you have the talent to carry a nice project or you deflate, but frankly there are all the assets for your success.

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