Your Weekly Horoscope for May 6th

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Singles are in good shape this week. They’re more willing to go out, exude a carefree attitude, and use their smile as their best weapon of seduction. In other words, this is the time to travel and have fun. For those already in relationships, there will be nostalgia in the air and you’ll feel as if you’ve fallen in love for the first time. Professionally, you’re ready to work overtime—as long as you can earn money as a result.


You don’t like conflict in general, but if you have to put yourself out there, don’t hesitate and have faith in yourself. As for couples, you’re used to mostly just thinking of yourself, but you must change that mindset and consider your partner. Career-wise, someone will help you progress in your job and everything will soon fall into place.


Singles, for once, listen to your friends. If they tell you that a new suitor is perfect for you, give him or her a chance. For those already with partners, you should take advantage of any time you get to spend together. Professionally, if you’re determined enough, no criticism will deter you from your goals.


Singles, while you feel golden in your solitude, you still crave the right shoulder to rest on. As for those already in relationships, your darling is a little stingy with affection and you’re wondering if you should ask him or her for more attention. Work-wise, if you’re at the end of a contract, don’t worry. Take time to think before acting for your future.


Your heart is beating very hard this week for an attractive match. Don’t rush, and think twice before committing. For couples, your other half does everything to make you happy, so make him or her feel appreciated. Professionally, even if a project you’re working on is late, the quality is what matters.


Singles, if you’re always looking at people’s negative traits, there’s no way to achieve a beautiful love story. Keep yourself open-minded and your love life will flourish. As for those already with partners, you’ll be angry with your darling this week, but think about whether the fight is worth it or not. You also hate injustice at work and will need to stand up for yourself.


You realize that it’s difficult to find someone who pleases you physically and has a beautiful soul at the same time. For those already in relationships, it’s complicated to try to find common ground this week, but spend the week trying not to annoy each other. Professionally, it’s difficult for you to concentrate and regain strength at work.


Singles feel disappointed by humans in general and don’t have the heart to meet new people. Each person is different, so don’t forget that. As for couples, a change in the status quo makes you scared for the future. A change-up at work will also be more beneficial than you originally anticipated.


If you want to flirt, this is a good week to do so, but if you’re holding out for a great love, you might still have to wait longer. For those already with partners, your darling looks at you with the eyes of love as he or she hasn’t done for a while. Professionally, take the lead before someone at work tries to undermine you.


Singles who are feeling down after a break-up need a little time to themselves before they resurface socially. Let time make you feel better. As for those already in relationships, everything is romantic between you two right now and you can’t help but think this is the happiest you’ve ever been. Listen for the signs at work that you will be promoted very soon.


Feel thankful for your life and the great encounters you’ve been making as of late. For couples, if you want everything to continue going well between you two, you should ask all of the right questions. Professionally, don’t hesitate to think ahead to the future that will allow you to target a job that best fits your expectations.


Singles, you need to trust in your future—everything will work out. An open heart will allow everyone to see your good traits and kindness. For those already in relationships, the new moon this week will offer a nice surprise that fills you both. Your request will be granted at work this week, so don’t get discouraged.

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