Your Weekly Horoscope for March 11th

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Singles, the budding relationship you’re in is still ambiguous, but it represents a breath of fresh air. For couples, new surprises will spice things up between you two. (Finally!) Professionally, all that glitters is not necessarily gold, so don’t be satisfied with promises, but look at reality instead.


Because there doesn’t seem to be anything romantically serious for you on the horizon, you’re satisfied with just having fun. As for those already in relationships, you feel you’re always the one to compromise. Uranus will arrive in Taurus this week, resulting in good career prospects for your future.


Singles, if you’re not finding the love that suits you, don’t hesitate by changing the scenery. Surely, someone is waiting for you out there. As for those already with partners, the love is blooming for you two and the feelings you have for each other are stronger than ever. Professionally, good feedback on your work will bring many joyful possibilities for the future.


Singles, people envy your freedom, but deep-down, you aren’t totally comfortable being alone. You’re dreaming more than ever of a beautiful, stable relationship. For couples, you will have to force your family and your lover to get along, and eventually, everything will come together. Work-wise, even though you’re antsy to get a new job, get a feel for the office culture before you commit to one position.


The chemistry between you and a new lover is obvious, but you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to commit to a serious relationship. For those already in relationships, by being more compromising and flexible, you’ll find that preserving the love between you two is more important than winning an argument. Professionally, don’t run away from your financial problems; take them head-on with courage and get off to a good start.


Singles, you need all of the motivation you can get to put yourself out there. The only problem is that you’re unwilling to make the first move. For those already with partners, your other half seems to blame you for all of his or her problems. You’ll realize you’ve been neglecting the relationship and just needed a wake-up call. Uranus will also shake up the planets this week, plunging you into the professional unknown. Look twice before you act, because a career setback could ultimately serve your long-term interests.


You feel starved for love, but even though you’ve met someone special recently, your insecurities make you want to run in the other direction. As for couples, you’ve always been the one to take the lead in the relationship, but be sure to give your partner some room to breathe. Professionally, a lucky star will have a very caring person in your life giving you valuable career advice.


If you suddenly regret breaking up with an ex, that feeling is all the proof you need to know that you’re not seeing clearly in the moment. Some rest will do you some good. For those already in relationships, if you have the desire to make a huge step in the relationship, such as moving in together, make that known to your partner. You’ll also brainstorm great ideas at work this week, but remember that all ideas take some time to come to fruition.


Singles want to flirt and have fun. Now is the time to satisfy all of your desires, especially with Venus in Aquarius increasing your charm. As for those already with partners, your relationship has been distracting you from the mundane aspects of your everyday life, but it’s important to realize that the honeymoon period will draw to a close eventually. You’ll have to put some effort in at some point. Professionally, you’ve been targeting your priorities to the best of your ability so you won’t waste any time.


You’re sure that looking for a soulmate among friends will be successful. For couples, you’re very attached to each other, so now is a great time to jump at the chance of a wedding or a real estate purchase. Career-wise, with a promotion or bonus coming up soon, your boss will thank you for your unparalleled knowledge and skill.


Singles, you’re playing the field right now and filling all of your time up with friends, your job, and sleep. We can’t say that you should run after love, but with spring coming up soon, it might be time to put yourself out there. As for those already in relationships, your darling loves being reassured, and you’re more than happy to give that to him or her. Professionally, you will be a little upset by your team when it’s revealed everyone didn’t perform as well as you had hoped.


Your fear of meeting someone causes you to decline social invitations this week. Not only do you not feel ready for love, but you’d prefer to do things at your own pace. For those already with partners, you ask yourself too many questions that often prove to be useless. Work-wise, your perseverance will pay off in the end.

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