Your Weekly Horoscope for February 25th

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Singles, stop worrying about the potential of heartbreak. It will cause you to harness a bad attitude and subsequently drive away any romantic prospects. As for those already in relationships, sometimes you’re faster than lighting when it comes to fulfilling your partner’s needs, but stop to think about yourself, too. Professionally, you’ll impose your ideas with great skill without having to convince your peers or your boss.


Singles, try and remember that true love is great and you don’t always have to be suspicious. Despite its ups and downs, you will ultimately find love exciting and worth it in the end. As for couples, your lover doesn’t want any tension between you two, so try and air things out as soon as they happen. Career-wise, everything is rosy at your company right now, making it much easier to improve your finances for the future.


Singles are feeling fickle this week, and their constantly-changing state of mind might scare off a potential lover. (He or she could get tired of your mood swings.) For those already with partners, your darling has a hard time keeping up with you because you go from affectionate to detached in the blink of an eye. Uranus will help you generate some new ideas at work.


Just because you experienced a few bad loves in your past life doesn’t mean you should close yourself off completely. Another great love is waiting for you. As for those already in relationships, you regret the fact that the romance seemed so much better before. It’s easy to slip into nostalgia if you aren’t constantly putting in effort. Professionally, Mercury and Pisces will confirm the signing of a contract that will bode well for your career.


Singles are feeling divided this week between wanting to revel in sadness or embrace the single life. The latter is the best attitude in order to attract lovers! For couples, you are hopelessly in love, but stay feeling distant. You should ask yourself why you aren’t willing to open up. Your boss also appreciates all of your hard work and people who have heard of your talents might reach out for you soon.


You love to pamper yourself before each outing as if you’re about to meet the love of your life. And you’re right to do so this week because a beautiful romance is in your future. As for those already with partners, everything is solid between you two at home. Revel in the safety and don’t look for problems where there are none. Professionally, an unexpected task that you initially found annoying will prove to work to your advantage.


Singles, just one piece of advice: Think twice before throwing yourself back out there. Moving forward is great, but make sure you’re not acting out of desperation. For those already in relationships, don’t hesitate to set boundaries as the best way for your partner to respect you and make you happy. Career-wise, you’re feeling more stressed than ever and find yourself struggling to keep up this week.


If you recently went on a date, don’t ignore the connection you shared. Enjoy the moment without over-thinking. For couples, your other half is not always the model of stability, but he or she helps you handle certain situations. Professionally, you’re pumped to work on a new project that you’ve believed in for so long.


Singles, an unusual situation will arise, but it could be the scene of a beautiful new romance. It will feel so unexpected that you’ll have a hard time believing you aren’t dreaming. As for those already with partners, sometimes your lover tires you with his or her lack of independence, but you enjoy all of the attention. A huge workload is also waiting for you this week, and you aren’t sure you have the momentum to tackle all of it. Take a good weekend to rest and recuperate.


You feel the desire this week to say everything that comes to your mind. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is great, but try not to scare anybody off with your bluntness! For couples, things feel strained yet cordial between you two, but everything will pass in good time. Professionally, an important appointment this week will revive your business.


Singles don’t have any desire to change their status. You prefer your independence and freedom by staying solo rather than dragging around a ball and chain. For those already in relationships, it’s not always the easiest feat to get along with your partner’s family. The atmosphere is tense and it’s up to you to smooth everything out. You’ll also be tempted by a financial investment, but double check everything before you commit.


A developing love story gets sweeter and sweeter every day. The potential relationship is special and very promising. As for those already with partners, you face all of your problems together and head-on. Make sure not to let anyone at work know your plans for advancement for a new job before the contract is signed.

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