Your Weekly Horoscope for December 3rd

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Singles shouldn’t waste their time this week. If a potential match doesn’t seem like good long-term potential, cut your losses before you invest too much of your emotions. As for those already in relationships, try to be soft with your criticism. Even though you’re only trying to help out your partner, it may come off more negatively than you intend. Professionally, the Moon will clarify an ambiguous situation for you at the beginning of the week.


You’ve found a rare spark with someone new and aren’t ready to share him or her with the world just yet. Enjoy these first few delightful moments of love without worrying about anybody else. As for couples, you’ve decided to pamper your other half, which brings renewed energy to your relationship, especially as the holidays approach. Career-wise, you’ve already decided that you’re going to ramp up your business next year.


Singles this week aren’t safe from Cupid’s arrow. You’re always looking for a deeper connection and the possibility of love. For those already with partners, small difficulties will arise between you two this week, but you’re tired of all of the fighting. The arrival of Leo will solve a problem for you at work that’s been stressing you out.


If something has been bothering you for some time, don’t hesitate to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. As for those already in relationships, it’s necessary to put a positive smile on your face and simply tolerate the hard times if you truly want to make it work with your partner. There are also a few hiccups at work for you this week, but you’ll be able to handle any obstacle with ease.


Singles are looking at life through rose-tinted glasses. They can’t see any flaws in a potential suitor, so rely on your friends and loved ones to be your eyes and ears. For couples, you want everything to go well with your sweetheart but you also can’t become a doormat in your own relationship. Professionally, Jupiter will have a good influence on you this week, which will make your career take off.


Don’t aim for perfection when it comes to love, as it rules out everyone you come across. People won’t want to approach you if they think your standards are too high. As for those already with partners, your significant other will leave you to your own devices this week and will want to spend more time with his or her friends. It annoys you, but try to use the alone time to your advantage. On the career front, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get a raise just before the holidays.


Singles want an answer and they want one fast. They have no patience when it comes to suitors wasting their time. As for those already in relationships, you’re used to making decisions just for yourself, so it feels unnatural to factor someone else into your plans. Professionally, a nice project at work will motivate you to go outside of your comfort zone.


You want extravagance and elegance in your life, and this positive energy will attract people to you easily. For couples, things have cooled down in the bedroom, so you might want to pay extra attention to your partner this week before it’s too late. Career-wise, you’ve been saving most of your paychecks and it’s finally paying off. Expect an end-of-year bonus in your future.


Making a quick getaway with a new lover can speed along mutual feelings and allow your relationship to evolve. As for those already with partners, everything is getting better and better for you and you couldn’t be more on the same wavelength. At work, you want to try something new. It might be wise to ask your boss to take on some new responsibilities.


Singles don’t always know what they want and are afraid of putting themselves out there. Don’t scare off the potential love of your life just because you don’t want to get hurt. As for those already in relationships, family problems will cause some friction between you and your partner this week. Try not to bicker too much, especially so close to the holidays. Professionally, you better get moving and look for new opportunities before they disappear.


You’re asking a lot of questions this week and feel uncertain about a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Just because a date went well doesn’t mean you’re willing to commit to anyone yet. For couples, Aquarius has always been an optimistic sign and you’re confident that the strength in your bond will get you past any hardship. You’re also feeling conflicted this week over two different jobs offers. Don’t panic, and try to think everything through before making a decision.


Singles are going on interesting dates lately, but nothing exciting enough to settle on one person. As for those already with partners, your S.O. has been putting more time into work and it’s been causing a strain in your relationships. Professionally, just because you experienced a minor setback doesn’t mean you should give up. Rise to the challenge and work harder than ever to prove anyone who doubts you.

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