Your Weekly Horoscope for October 15th

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Singles who want to meet a potential lover absolutely have to learn how to let their guard down and not give into their dominant instincts; it won’t help you find love in the long run. As for couples, your lover has worries about your relationship and lets you know by being in a bad mood. Professionally, it’s possible that a project will get stopped in its tracks but don’t get too discouraged. You’ll always have more opportunities in the future!


After a few dates with someone promising, singles can say that they believe in finding love again. Unfortunately, you also get way too caught up in the beginning of a romance and your suitor’s true colors might come through soon enough. For those already in relationships, if a fight between you two is rather upsetting, try to understand your partner instead of immediately declaring war. Career-wise, you find that you’re better at your job when you can make your own rules. Following the common path is not your thing at all!


Singles have no intention of whining about their love lives. After all, they’re happy and healthy, so everything is fine without a lover! As for those already with partners, you want a true commitment from your other half and you’re doing everything in your power to make sure your bond lasts against the test of time. Professionally, you know you have to follow your desires, even if other people disagree with your decisions.


You’re tired of making the same mistake time and time again by investing your energy into the wrong person. Don’t let yourself fall too quickly for someone new. As for those already in relationships, if you don’t want your significant other to pass judgment on you, be more self-aware and considerate of his or her feelings. Career wise, because of the new responsibilities and goals you’ve been given at work, you’ll be forced to step up to the plate.


At the moment, singles don’t have ample time for love because they’re forced to handle family matters first and it takes up a lot of energy. For couples, don’t dawdle when it comes to making a serious commitment. Your partner is ready, so why do you still have reservations? Professionally, don’t get overconfident at work and boast about all of your accomplishments in front of your colleagues.


You’re enjoying being single at the moment and don’t have any big desire to fall into the arms of the first person you come across. Make sure to get to know any potential suitor before settling on one person. As for those already with partners, channel all of your feelings so you won’t overwhelm your other half with love, especially if the relationship is particularly new. Your boss will also ask more of you this week and you can’t provide the work at the pace at which he or she is asking.


Singles find that they can sometimes crash and burn when new lovers take advantage of your kindness. Don’t go out of your way for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you in return. For those already in relationships, don’t submit to all of the whims of the love of your life but make sure that he or she still feels cared for. You’ll also want to nail down a new contract at work in order to improve your financial situation.


Four planets will visit you this week and it’s a good sign that you’ll have a great date or realize that a potential lover has been in front of you all this time. Have faith in life, for she smiles at you. As for those already with partners, the new moon will light up your love life and will reassure you that the relationship is for the long-term. Professionally, the planets will also fare positively for your finances this week. Set the bar high for yourself and don’t give up.


Due to a lack of love, singles are prioritizing friendships more than ever. Great times will feed your happiness and prevent you from feeling lonely. For couples, being hopelessly happy in love can sometimes disturb friends and family around you, especially those who might be growing jealous of your new union. Tap into your network at work this week in order to get ahead on a new project.


The fear of failure sometimes paralyzes singles from making a move altogether. They prefer to hold back, but its important to remember your true feelings. There is always the possibility of the beautiful surprise of love. For those already in relationships, it’s not possible to be happy without questioning where you two are headed in the future. Be careful not to slack too much at work this week and stay on top of your game.


You might have met the right person, but you need to take the time to deepen the relationship and open up about your vulnerabilities if you want the spark to become a flame. As for those already with partners, your lover is understanding you better and better and it’s a huge relief, because you won’t have to explain your perspective all of the time. Professionally, the new moon is in your favor if you’re looking for a new job or promotion.


Singles need to learn how to relax, because the difficulty in expressing emotions can come off as cold to potential lovers. As for couples, if you have something to say to your partner, do it instead of holding in your feelings and growing resentful. You will also advance in your career in your own time. Don’t worry too much about comparing yourself to others in your same position because in the end, you’ll have your shot at success.

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