Your Weekly Horoscope for September 24th

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Singles this week are so stressed that they don’t have any spare time for love! Needless to say, their allure and charm doesn’t always guarantee romance. As for those already in relationships, your darling has been getting on your last nerve lately but some compassion from your end could fan the flames of your bond. Professionally, you have dreams of being in a more innovative and creative field than you are in currently. Mercury will put you on the right track this week.


In order to protect themselves, singles have decided to get out of a complicated situation. They’d prefer to remain alone than to be vulnerable to heartbreak! For couples, if you let your temper get the best of you, you run the risk of souring your relationship. Think carefully before you open your mouth. Your financial savvy and organization skills are especially welcomed at work this week and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


Even though all of their focus is on their work, you also don’t see any harm in flirting all night! As for those already with partners, you can easily fall into an argument with your other half. Don’t cater too much to his or her whims but also learn to compromise. Professionally, you’re putting all of your effort into work but have started getting annoyed with your colleagues who seem to dawdle and wait for you to get everything done.


Singles have one thing on their minds: don’t repeat the same mistakes from the past. You want to get out of the vicious cycle of getting your heart broken and just move forward. For couples, with an avalanche of attention from your partner, consider if he or she is trying to gain forgiveness for something. Before you let your suspicions get the best of you, react as rationally as possible. Professionally, you have a desire to prove your worth at your company, so you’re putting in all the effort you can.


You’re just starting to get the point in which you’re ready to put yourself out there. A past heartbreak has slowed you down because you’re afraid to get hurt again! A good time is good for you and you just have to be brave enough to jump in with both feet. As for those already in relationships, avoid constant conflicts with your partner by just going with the flow instead of getting frustrated with every small problem. You’re also very good at making contacts at work this week and know how to use your connections to your advantage.


Look around you because it’s quite possible that a friend can become a lover. He or she has all of the qualities that you’ve been yearning for. As for couples, whether it’s a shared project or hobby, good feelings come to you both when you spend time together. Good circumstances in your career will allow you to gain the spotlight this week but it will also come with a lot of responsibility.


Singles are wary this week. Just because a potential suitor seems interested doesn’t mean that he or she is the right one for you! Don’t be afraid to move on to the next. As for those already with partners, you haven’t signed a contract in which you have to report to your significant other constantly. Make sure there’s room to breathe in the relationship. Professionally, your qualities have been recognized by your boss and your work is approved. All you have to do is take advantage of the recognition to get a raise!


There’s no question that you want someone special in your life. It’s just up to you to make the first move. As for those already in relationships, if you remain flexible in the face of a difficult situation, you’ll have the pleasure of getting out on the other side even stronger than ever. Beware of people at work this week who operate under the guise of helping you, but might actually want to steal your good ideas. Scorpios are highly intuitive, so listen to your gut.


Remain calm and zen, even if a recent date says he or she isn’t ready to be official. The beginning of a relationship is always the most exciting part! For couples, your sweetheart needs to recognize that your work comes first and foremost. Try to put in some effort though from your end! You’ll gain momentum this week and have a renewed desire to put all of your effort into your career.


Don’t overthink your actions and overcomplicate your love life. You’re not meant to fight your feelings and the truth will always come out in the end! As for those already in relationships, don’t let tiny misunderstandings sow discord between you two. Now is also the right time to schedule appointments in advance because a contract you’ve been working on is about to go through! Enjoy it.


Singles love to play hard to get, but games make it more difficult for you to see when someone is a really great match for you. Stop misleading a potential suitor and be upfront about your feelings. For those already with partners, you don’t know whether or not you two should break up. It’s a tough decision because the answer is not always obvious. Professionally, you’re one of the most talented people at your company and your boss couldn’t be more thrilled with you, but it isn’t enough! You want a raise in order to be appreciated.


Those who had a summer fling might be surprised that they don’t want to give the person up as soon as the leaves change color. Maybe the connection is worth pursuing a long-distance relationship. As for couples, on the outside you two seem picture-perfect and happy but you need to put in more effort to please your partner. Professionally, you might struggle this week to find your momentum because you find yourself uninspired by your work.

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