Your Weekly Horoscope for August 6th

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After a long dry spell, singles are fine spending the week without any lovers and taking some time away from close friends. It’s good to just focus on yourself! As for those already in relationships, Mars will foster open discussions with your partner and everything can be addressed out in the open without any risk of conflict. Professionally, compromise is possible at work, but you might have to wait until your new ideas are accepted.


With Venus in Leo, singles will have all of the energy in the world to be as charming and irresistible as possible. As for couples, you’ll have your shot to spend as much time as possible with your significant other and your darling is thrilled! Take advantage of the hot summer nights while they last. At work, you’re thinking about going back to school soon in order to boost your salary.


Use all of the downtime you have to rest and recharge. It’s too hot out to mingle with singles so use this time wisely! For those already with partners, you’ve been so blissfully happy in your relationship that you don’t have any time to focus on the negative aspects in your life. You’ll also have more autonomy in September to carry out your upcoming projects without your boss supervising your every move!


You’re feeling more successful when it comes to love as of late and if it’s possible for you to meet the suitor of your dreams, you should take that chance! Don’t be too much of a wallflower and act on your romantic feelings if they’re there. As for couples, you should enjoy a bit of time together to work on your ongoing projects but also start thinking about trying to make a comfortable home with your lover. You’ll also finally get a shot at relaxation this week and it’ll help you become more successful at your job in the long-run.


Seeing an ex-lover who jilted you for no reason will certainly throw you off your game this week, but karma will get him or her in the end! Don’t relish too much in others‘ misery and try to enjoy your own life. For those already in relationships, sometimes you have to make concessions for your partner and don’t realize that compromise is what makes up a healthy relationship. Professionally, you’ve decided to introduce some new ideas at work and and restart an old project in the process.


The waves of Venus will open up the doors for love and singles will be able to reinvent themselves during the summer. Surround yourself with close friends and great energy and love will find you soon. As for those already with partners, it’s quite possible that your darling will come up with new and spontaneous ways for you to have fun during your holiday weekend together. You’ll also have to go into work thinking only with your head and not your emotions. It’s a smart tactic and will work in your favor!


Your days will be filled with fun activities this week and you’ll still have a chance to find love. All of this activity, however, will make you stop thinking about getting into a relationship altogether. For couples, the atmosphere between you and your partner is so joyous and blissful that you’ve forgotten the little worries of everyday life. The sun in Mars will allow for you to shine at work this week!


Singles have decided to take advantage of their mysterious side in order to move a potential love interest towards a relationship. All of this renewed attraction and attention will have you feeling more confident than ever! As for those already in relationships, if you caught your partner looking over at an attractive stranger, don’t get too angry with him or her! You do the same thing and it doesn’t hurt to look. Professionally, you’ve decided to come up with a plan to let your boss know how invaluable of an asset you are to your team.


You’re thinking more about rest and relaxation this week than about whether or not you can go out and meet a potential soul mate. The tranquility will allow you to feel more at peace than ever. As for those already with partners, you’re so completely in love with your darling that others find the affection excessive, but you don’t have a single care in the world! Professionally, you’re awaiting an answer on a project that you’ve submitted and might still need more financial resources before it can move ahead.


Singles this week will strike up a new friendship and it’ll prove to be very promising. You never know who else your new friend could introduce you to! For couples, you’ve decided to spend as much quality time with your companion as possible. Fall will prove to be busy so you’ll want to get all the time in now! Venus this week will also foster your creative spirit and you’ll be able to show off the extent of your talent at work.


Even if you find love at the moment, you want to take things as slowly as possible and really allow the love to flourish. You’re only looking for potential long-term partners so you want to make sure you’ve found the right person! For those already in relationships, your lover has gone to great lengths to please you, so you should try to show some appreciation and gratitude towards him or her! A decision will also get on your nerves this week but instead of getting too angry, find the tranquility to just take difficulties in stride.


You’ve been so busy trying to solve your problems with an old friend and are willing to do whatever is necessary to resolve things between you two. For couples, you want to give him or her as much professional advice as possible but try not to be too condescending. You have a big heart so be sure to let your partner know that you’re just trying to help! Professionally, you’ve almost reached your limit when it comes to productivity but your finances are also getting tight. Prioritize work and relax later during the holiday!

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