The New Cocktail Ring


During Prohibition, America became a place of excess that all took place behind the closed doors of the speakeasy. It was a time for chic women of the decade, The Flappers, to flourish; Hemlines were shorter, the dresses were easier to dance in, all of the pearls had to be multi-thread, and the diamonds were as sought after as the booze was. But of all the flaunt and glitz, there was no piece of jewelry quite so symbolic as the cocktail ring, worn for the specific purpose of showing off your elicit glass of Champagne (or your Gin Ricky, your Sidecar, your Old Fashioned, or your Harvey Wallbanger) and your blatant disregard for the 18th amendment.

Because New Year’s Eve is centered around that midnight Champagne toast, there’s no better time to revisit this historical status symbol, which has been given modern updates thanks to talents like Victoire de Castellane, Jemma Wynne, and Pamela Love. Raise your glass to 2017, to the end of prohibition, and to our roundup of not-your-grandmother’s cocktails rings.

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