What to Wear When Climbing the Aztec Ruins of Mexico City in the Summer


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Coyoacán wasn’t just the birthplace of Frida Kahlo—the vibrant borough in Mexico City was also the destination where the famed folk painter wed and lived with fellow artist Diego Rivera. (She’d die there as well.) The former borough is now home to several sites that commemorate Kahlo, including her former home-turned-museum, La Casa Azul, and Parque Frida Kahlo, a park that features a statue of her. Kahlo’s visible legacy is a testament to Mexico City’s unparalleled commitment to maintaining scene of rich artistic expression. With almost 200 museums, more than 100 art galleries, and 30 concert halls, Mexico’s capital is a lively and flourishing cultural haven.

But it’s Mexico City’s fascinating history that is perhaps the most intriguing. Founded in 1324 as Mexico Tenochtitlan, the city was once a city-state of the Aztec Triple Alliance. And despite the subsequent Spanish conquest of the former empire, Mexico City’s Aztec roots are still visible today. From Templo Mayor to Teotihuacán (which sits just outside of the central part of the city) to Tenayuca, Mexico City’s many Aztec ruins are archaeological feats—and testaments to Mesoamerican culture. Whether you’re drawn to revisiting the imprints of Kahlo and Rivera or yearn to climb the city’s ancient pyramids, travel back in time and discover Mexico City’s fascinating past. Below, shop CR’s top picks to do so in style. END
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