What to Wear When Celebrating Spring Break


Jet-setting across the seven seas, or simply swapping neighborhood spots, What To Wear When is your weekly column for shopping inspiration.

The slightest mention of “spring break” might conjure up cringeworthy (and vodka-soaked) college memories, but rest assured there are plenty of chic locales not taken over by swaths of raucous, wristband-clad students toward the end of March. A good rule of thumb: Avoid Cancun and any place in Florida, lest you desire to be force-fed cheap tequila or witness a wet T-shirt contest.

While the concept of spring break is rooted in academia—it started during the 1930s to mark the often two-week vacation period around Easter—plenty of non-college students flock to exotic areas around the globe, taking advantage of the (often significant) drop in pricing right after the spring breakers dissipate and school starts up again. From Palm Springs, California to San Juan, Puerto Rico to Barcelona, Spain, there’s a way to “spring break” like an adult (and not an extra in that Harmony Korine flick)—you just have to be strategic about it. Should you find yourself craving a sun-soaked jaunt in the middle of spring with a group of friends, shop CR’s picks below to do it in style.

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