What to Wear When Admiring Malta’s Architecture


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Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 67th year as the reining monarch of the U.K. this week. But before the regal icon took to the throne in 1952, she enjoyed several years as a Royal Navy wife to Prince Philip while he served on the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet in Malta. The tiny Southern European island—which sits in the apex of the Mediterranean Sea—would go on to became a country near and dear to the royal couple’s hearts, as they’d go on to celebrate their honeymoon there as well as their 60th wedding anniversary. What’s more, prior to Malta’s independence from the U.K. in 1964 (it became a British colony in 1815), Queen Elizabeth II served as its queen and head of state.

Due to its perpetually warm climate, rich history, and proximity to other Mediterranean islands, Malta has cemented itself as a wildly popular tourist destination. But the real draw is the country’s many architectural monuments, some of which are the oldest free-standing structures across the globe. In fact, Malta’s historical landmarks have served as the backdrop for numerous films, from The Da Vinci Code and Captain Phillips to Assassin’s Creed and Scandal, to name a few. Below, shop CR’s top picks to throw in your bag should you have the sunny and history-steeped archipelago on your travel itinerary.


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