What To Wear When Visiting Wales for a Cozy Getaway


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If you’re going to embark on an autumnal escape, skip New England and go straight to the source for an authentic experience. By that we mean booking a trip to Wales, grabbing the most cushy cashmere wrap you can find, pairing it with some sturdy rain boots, and going for a drive in the countryside.

That’s exactly what Sophia Loren did in 1965, when filming for the movie Arabesque took her—and Gregory Peck—to Wales. The film was a slightly Hitchcockian mystery flick, featuring a professor, an Arab prime minister, a businessman, a pretty spy, and…hieroglyphics. Loren’s outfits certainly stole the show, ranging from a red patent leather trench coat to a pink marabou-trimmed robe, and even white thigh-high boots.

But it was the outfit she wore between shots, while based in a small town somewhere between Newport and Abertillery in Wales, that is worth re-creating. She reportedly wrapped herself in a blanket to ward off the chill—but her blowout was still entirely intact. For your trip to the Welsh countryside, shop CR’s cozy picks.

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